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Application of Julian Kieliszek to Polish Army Polish Army In France

Application to the Polish Army in France
Recruiting Center No. 37 Location Omaha State Nebraska
Name and Surname of Volunteer Julian KIELISZEK
Age 25 years, born on day 17 month April year 1893 in the locality Zwiernik, pow(iat) Pilzno, Galicya
Civil status bachelor children ---
Present address Krakow Nebraska
Address of closest relative in AmericaTomasz Kudron, Omaha, Neb
Address of closest relative in Poland "nieznany" unknown
Are you a citizen of the United States of America (second papers)? --
Did you serve in the army? _______ type of arms? ______ how long? ____
Rank upon discharge? ____
What Polish organizations in America do you belong to? _____________
If you belong to the Falcons, for how long? _______ and do you hold any office? ____
farmer present employment farmer
Height _____ Eybrows _____
Hair _____ Eyes _____
Nose _____ Teeth _____
Face _____ Chin _____
Weight _____ Distinguishing marks _____
Sent from the Recruiting Station in Krakowie number 1
Remarks _________________
I the undersigned, wishing to fight for the freedom and independence of a united Poland, join the ranks of the Polish Army in France of my own free will and pledge my unconditional obedience to the military authorities. So help me God!
I pledge to be ready for departure on
March 3rd 1918
After having read the contents of this application to the Polish Army, I attest by my signature that all of my statements made above are true.