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Thirteenth Generation

7904. John BARROWS307 was born on September 16, 1609 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.307

He signed a will on January 12, 1691/92.307 It was proved on April 6 1692.
The will is on record in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

"Be it known to all by these presents that I John Barrows being very sick and weak through many infirmities of Body and not knowing how soon it may please God to change me from life to death. I do therefore by these presents, being yet of sound and perfect memory make and ordain these presents to be and remaine my last will and testament in maner and forme following to remaine firm and inviolable forever. IMP. I will and Bequeath my Body to ye dust and my soul to God who gave it to me.
"ITEM. I bequeath to Robert Barrows my eldest son all my right and title and interest of all the land and meadow that I bought of Frances Bilington in ye town of Plymouth, only he must pay to his Brother Benajah twenty shillings in money when he comes to age: onely my wife shall have the improvement of ye land as long as she remains my widow.
"ITEM. I bequeath to Josha Barrows, my son, thirty acres of land granted unto me by the Town of Plymouth at Monponset, only he must pay to his brother Ebenezer twenty shillings in money when he comes to age.
"ITEM. I bequeath to my two daughters ten shillings apiece.
"ITEM. I will and Bequeath to my loving wife, Deborah Barrow my debts and legacies being first paid, then all the rest of my estate I give her.
"ITEM. I do by these presents, ordaine and appoint my loving wife, Deborah Barrows to be my whole and sole administrator of this last will and Testament and to see and cause my Body to be decently Buried, revoking all former wills, boh verbally or written I the said John Barrows have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of January 1691/92.
Signed, sealed and declared to be his last will and testament.
in presence of us the S mark of
John Gray, Robert Barrows (SEAL)
The T mark of John Barrows"

John Gray and Robert Barrows Senr made oath to the will, at Plymouth, 6 April, 1692, before "William Bradford Exq Dep Governr and Ephraim Morton Associate."

An inventory of the Estate of John Barrows Deceased the 18th day of February 1691/92 was taken by John Gray and John Sturtevant. The inventory of John's estate includes 14 lbs cotton yarn, 3 swine, books, 175 silver money, and values the land at Monponset, (Plympton) 30 acres probably at 5 pounds, and the house and land at home and all ye meadow (Carver) belonging to it, 25 pounds.
Deborah Barrows, executrix, made oath of the inventory, 6 april, 1692, at Plymouth.

He died on February 14, 1691/92 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.307
Another date for John's death in Maine Historical is 18 Feb 1691 or 1692. John BARROWS and Anne THOMPSON were married on August 31, 1634 in England.307

John and Anne boarded and sailed from Ipswitch, England, May 10(16) 1637 on the Mary Ann of Yarmouth -- Wm. Goose, Master -- landed at Boston 6/20/1637. Within the year, John was granted 15.5 acres of land in Salem. (Once called Naumkaeg). According to the Maine Historical and Genealogical record, they came on the Plaine Jane to Virginia in 1635. He was 26 and his wife Ann was 38. They then went west to Salem in 1637 in the Mary Ann with William Goose, the master. In the genealogy of New England, Vol. IV, pg 2023, it says that he sailed from the port of Yarmouth on May 10, 1637 or soon afterward, having taken the examination on that date to go to New England, stating his age as twenty eight and his wife, Anne, as forty.

In the Rolls Office, Chauncery Lane, London, a large volume bound in vellum contains the name of some of the early emigrants to this country. Under the date of May 15, 1635 there is an entry for Jno Barrowe, age 26 years, embarked in the Plaine Joan (master Richard Buckman) with others for Virginia --"the p'ties having bro't attestacion of their conformaities to orders and displine of the Church of England."

Again 5/10/1637 is recorded in the "examination of John Barrowe of Yarmouth, cooper, aged 28 years, and Anne, his wife, aged 40 years, desirous to pass to Salem in New England, ther to inhibit."
The historians say they probably came to America on the Mary Ann. We infer from this record that John came to this country 1635, returned to England for his wife. This John was our Puritan Ancestor. He was "received as an inhabitant at Salem, 8/4/1637, and was granted 5 acres of land." On the 8th of the 9th month, Jno. Barowes is allowed ten acres with his former five. Subsequently his name appears as Jno Burroes, and he "is alowed one half acre of marsh or salt meadow land" that being the amount distributed to two persons. In 1644, 25 of the 1st month, it was ordered that John Barrows shall be surveyor of fences in room of Thomas Weeks. Twenty one years later a Judge Davis of the area said "that John came to the Cape some thirty years before he came to Plymouth." He may have meant Cape Ann, which would easily be made to include Salem.
Some historians said John had no children when he landed, although Anne was already forty years old. It is recorded that John was a proprietor of Salem, May 10, 1637. They were inhabitants of Salem for several years, and may have moved to Lynn, Massachusetts, soon after 1644. The family moved to Plymouth about 1655 and settled there 1668. John the immigrant died there.
In Plymouth, on 3/6/1665, John was fined ten shillings for not revealing evidence at a Grand Inquest. He was on a list of voters in 1672, was a taxpayer and had land in 1676, was known to be a "proprietor", fence surveyor, lay preacher, and an extensive landowner in America. In England, he had been a cooper.

The list of townsmen given on February 15, 1668 includes the name of John Barrow and a list of such as have votes in town meetings recorded June 16, 1668, gives the names of John Barow amd Robert Barrows (his son). On April 9, 1684, the town laid out to John Barrow at the South Meadows 10 acres of upland against his meadow on the north west side of the river.
John's will proved before Wm. Bradford, Deputy Gov., and Ephraim Morton Asst. dated 2/14/1691 and probated 4/6/1692 shows that he left a second "loving wife" who was younger than himself along with four sons and two daughters. His second wife was Deborah Donten (or Dotey) who he married at Salem Massachusetts 1665.

In the gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia, at the Bruton Parish Church, a sundial erected for a "John Barrows." In the church, a plaque says "Barrows, the finest blood in Virginia."
Goshen monument: "Barrowe-Barrow" John b. Yarmouth, Eng.1609; Plymouth, Massachusetts d 1692; ch:Robert, b. 164-, d.1707
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7905. Anne THOMPSON was born on September 24, 1598 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.307 She died after 1639 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.307 Children were:


Dionys BARROWS died in 1635 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.307 She died shortly after birth. She was born on September 21, 1635 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.307