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#007246-97 (Huron Co): David Wesley ALLENBY, 23, machinist, of Lower Wingham, s/o John ALLENBY & Rebecca GIBSON, married Charlotte Eliza WELLS, 20, of Lower Wingham, d/o George P. WELLS & Elizabeth BELLAMY, witn: Charles STEWART & Mary WELLS, 1 Sept 1897 at Lower Wingham, Turnberry 7259-97 Albert Edward ANDREW, 23, farmer, Usborne twp., same, s/o Thomas ANDREW & Selina ELLIOTT, married Ida Amelia COULTICE, 23, Usborne twp., same, d/o Richard COULTICE & Sarah SMITH, witn: John R. & Victoria A. HIND of Usborne twp., 2 June 1897 at Elimville
7029-97 (Huron Co): George ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o Joseph ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth BADLEY, married Mary Jane Murdock CAMPBELL, 22, Grey twp., same, d/o William CAMPBELL & Elizabeth HUGHES, witn: Albert ARMSTRONG of Grey twp. & Addie RATHWELL of Goderich twp., 29 June 1897 at Grey twp 007181-97 (Huron Co) James R. ATKINSON, 25, photographer, Nelson Halton Co, Ridgetown Kent Co, s/o Mary DAWSON & Robt ATKINSON, married Mary MCKAY, 23, Grey Huron Co, Seaforth, d/o Elizabeth & Wm MCKAY, witn: Adam & Elizabeth MCKAY, both of Seaforth, 8 Dec 1897 at Seaforth
7262-97 Edward James AVERY, 26, farmer, Usborne twp., same, s/o Richard AVERY & Mary Ann JEFFREY, married Jane HORN, 22, Usborne twp., same, d/o Samuel HORN & Charlotte A. WILLIS, witn: George W. HORN of Winchelsea & Mary J. AVERY of Woodham, 6 Oct. 1897 at Elimville 6922-97 (Huron Co): John Herbert BAKER, 25, cabinet finisher, Hampshire England, Toronto, s/o John Aaron BAKER & Alice BOND, married Agnes Gertrude BIGGART, 25, Bayfield, same, d/o John BIGGART & Agnes FALCONER, witn: Elizabeth STEWART & Mary E. MATHESON, both of Clinton, 12 Jan 1897 at Clinton
7265-97 William BALL, 38, farmer, Ireland, Howick twp., s/o James BALL & Ann EARLS, married Alice DODDS, 34, Howick twp., same, d/o William DODDS & Alice HISLOP, witn: James F. BALL & Jane DODDS, both of Howick, 3 March 1897 at Wroxeter 6933-97 (Huron Co): George Henry BALL, 31, farmer, Hullett twp., same, s/o John BALL & Sarah Jane PALMER, married Annie BEDFORD, 34, Devonshire England, Hullett twp., d/o William BEDFORD & Sarah SQUIRE, witn: George BEDFORD & Mary BALL, both of Hullett, 30 June 1897 at Clinton
7269-97 Robert BALLANTYNE, 33, farmer, Scotland, Broomhill Man., s/o Robert BALLANTYNE & Mary HAIG, married Isabella HISLOP, 33, Turnberry, same, d/o Alexander HISLOP & Jane RUTHERFORD, witn: William HUESTON of Gorrie & Elizabeth HISLOP of Turnberry, 29 Dec 1897 at Wroxeter 7285-97 William BARBOUR, 25, machinist, Culross twp., Teeswater, s/o Robert BARBOUR & Elizabeth OVERHOLT, married Elizabeth A. TRAVETT, 25, Culross twp., Teeswater, d/o H.J. TRAVETT & Sarah McDONALD, witn: Letitia & Bella HAMILTON of Wingham, 7 July 1897 at Wingham
7298-97 Mi--? BEAR, 28, lather, Ontario, Auburn, s/o Cornelius BAER (sic) & Mary A. WIFLER, married Isabella SCOTT, 30, Ontario, Auburn, d/o Arch & Isabella, witn: Gilbert BAER of Auburn & Margaret J. KING of E. Wawanosh, 16 June 1897 at Auburn 006881-97 (Huron Co): David Leonard BELL, 25, farmer, Canada, Wawanosh, d/o John & Ellen BELL married Evangeline DELONG, 18, Canada, Ashfield, d/o Richard & Clara DELONG. Wit: John CURRIE? of Goderich and Ethel DELONG of Port Albert. December 8, 1897 at Dungannon
7043-97 (Huron Co): Robert Paterson BELL, 45, widower, farmer, Tuckersmith twp., Stanley twp., s/o William BELL & Janet PATERSON, married Mary Ann WORKMAN, 28, Stanley twp., same, d/o John WORKMAN & Mary Jane MOFFATT, witn: Thomas BELL of Hensall & Maggie WORKMAN of Tuckersmith twp., 8 June 1897 at Hensall 6929-97 (Huron Co): Robert A. BELL, 35, stone cutter, Goderich, same, s/o Alexander BELL & Jane WATSON, married Florence CANTLING, 19, England, Clinton, d/o James & Sarah, witn: A.D. CAMERON of Goderich & Jessie P. FORD of Clinton, 5 May 1897 at Clinton
7047-87 William Thomas BELL, 21, student, Arkona, same, s/o William BELL & Janet STEWART, married Eliza SAUNDERS, 21, McGillivray twp., same, d/o George SAUNDERS & Harriet HARVEY, witn: Maggie HENDERSON & Edith STEINBACH, both of Hensall, 20 Oct 1897 at Hensall 7033-97 (Huron Co): Abraham George BISHOP, 34, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o John BISHOP & Eliza WELSH, married Margaret PATTERSON, 33, Elma twp., Grey twp., d/o James PATTERSON & Jane TURNBULL, witn: James McCARTNEY & Millie PATTERSON, both of Grey twp., 13 Oct 1897 at Grey twp
006873-97 (Huron Co): James Clarke BOGIE, 35, carpenter, Colborne, same, s/o James & Mary Ann BOGGIE (sic) married Annie BURROWS, 32, Ashfield, same, d/o George & Maria BURROWS. Wit: David C. BOGGIE of Colborne and Bella McKNIGHT of Ashfield. April 28, 1897 at Ashfield #007237-97 (Huron Co): Eli E. BOLT, 29, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Isabella GEMMILL, 22, Turnberry, same, d/o William GEMMILL & Mary PORTEOUS, witn: John GEMMILL & Eva BOLT, both of Turnberry, 2 March 1897 at Turnberry
#007236-97 (Huron Co): George Henry BOYD, 23, butcher, Canada, Seaforth, s/o Samuel BOYD & Emma SIGGERS, married Margaret NOBLE, 22, Scotland, Egmondville, d/o Joseph NOBLE & Ann STEVENSON, witn: Robert Dunbar BOYD of Seaforth & Maggie MUIR of Exeter, 15 Dec 1897 at Egmondville 6910-97 Jasper BRINDLEY, 24, farmer, Colborne twp., Goderich twp., s/o William & Catherine, married Rosa May CARD, 20, Burwich NS, Goderich, d/o Levi & Mary Ruth, witn: Hiram BRINDLEY of Colborne & Sophie CARD of Goderich, 18 April 1897 at Colborne
007171-97 (Huron Co) Samuel BROADFOOT, 53, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, widower, s/o Margaret CARNOCHAN & Alex BROADFOOT, married Jean LANDSBOROUGH, 43, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Eliza & John LANDSBOROUGH, witn: John H. BROADFOOT & John LANDSBOROUGH, both of Seaforth, 8 Apr 1897 at Seaforth 007169-97 (Huron Co) George BROWN, 43, farmer, England, Tuckersmith, s/o Jane & blank BROWN, married Jean MOORE, 46, Ontario, Tuckersmith, d/o Isabel & David MOORE, witn: Jane BOND & Ada BEATTIE, both of Seaforth, 16 Mar 1897 at Seaforth
7038-97 (Huron Co): David BRUCE, 28, farmer, Hibbert twp., same, s/o Andrew BRUCE & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, married Alice Lavina SILKEY, 22, Hibbert twp., d/o William SILKEY & Charlotte HOPKINS, witn: George & Emma KYDD of Hensall, 24 Feb 1897 at Hensall 006874-97 (Huron Co): Thomas Henry BURNS, 29, cabinetmaker, Huron Twp, Lucknow, s/o Thomas BURNS & Mary STANLEY married Mary Ann BENTON, 29, Ashfield, same, d/o Angus BENTON & Annie McKENZIE. Wit: David L. JOHNSTON of Lucknow and Kate BENTON of Ashfield. June 2, 1897 at Ashfield
007170-97 (Huron Co) Joseph BUSHFIELD, 35, farmer, McKillop, same, widower, s/o Wm & Margaret BUSHFIELD, married Margaret NELEMES, 24, Seaforth, same, d/o Katherine & Peter NELEMES (Nelms?), witn: Dan HUGHES & Sarah NELEMES both of McKillop Twp, 24 Mar 1897 at Seaforth 7028-97 (Huron Co): Allan CAMERON, 27, farmer, Blanshard twp., Grey twp., s/o John CAMERON & Elizabeth McCOMB, married Maggie Ada RAYMANN, 25, Grey twp., same, d/o Anthony RAYMANN & Minnie CAMPBELL, witn: George RAYMANN of Detroit & Jennie McNAIR of Grey twp., 16 June 1897 at Grey twp
7025-97 (Huron Co): Ivi Walter CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o William CAMPBELL & Elizabeth HUGHES, married Mary Morrison LAIRD, 24, Grey twp., same, d/o James LAIRD & Rachel SPENCE, witn: David E. CAMPBELL of Wallace twp & Nellie LAIRD of Grey twp., 9 June 1897 at Grey twp 007761-99 (Huron Co): Robert Bell CARTER, 34, farmer, Halton Co, Hullett, s/o Isaac CARTER & Sarah Jane BELL married Rose Amelia JOYNER, 26, London England, Clinton, d/o Henry JOYNER & Hannah WHEELER. Wit: W. J. CARTER of Hullett and M. E. BELL of Goderich. January 2, 1897 at Clinton
7042-97 (Huron Co): Joseph CASE, 29, merchant, Hay twp., Hensall, s/o Benjamin CASE & Marjorie SIMPSON, married Jessie MOIR, 19, Hay twp., Hensall, d/o William MOIR & Maria GIBSON, witn: Benjamin J. CASE of Hay twp & Louisa MOIR of Hensall, 8 June 1897 at Hensall 7036-97 (Huron Co): George E. CASE, 30, farmer, Hay twp., same, s/o Benjamin CASE & Marjorie SIMPSON, married Agnes E. HOGGARTH, 25, Hibbert twp., Hensall, d/o Benjamin HOGGARTH & Margaret ELDER, witn: Grace M. ELDER of Seaforth & Joseph CASE of Hensall, 12 Jan 1897 at Hensall
#007238-97 (Huron Co): John C. CASEMORE, 30, farmer, Mornington, Morris, s/o William & Beatrice, married Elizabeth BAIRD, 21, Wawanosh, Turnberry, d/o William & R. Jane, witn: Maggie J. BAIRD of Turnberry & Abraham BRIDGES of Morris, 17 March 1897 at Turnberry 006896-97 (Huron Co): John CONDIE, 26, machinist, Ontario, Teeswater, s/o James & Mary Ann CONDIE married Janet MASON, 30, Ontario, _?(overwritten), d/o George & Elizabeth MASON. Wit: N. J. McCRACKEN and Clark ALLIN, both of Brussels. October 27, 1897 at Brussels
#006972-97 (Huron Co): George COOK, 34, farmer, Goderich twp., same, s/o Thomas COOK & Sarah CLOAKEY, married Lucy JOHNSTON, 31, Goderich twp., same, d/o James JOHNSTON & Margaret WHITE, witn: Matthew SHEPPARD & Kate JOHNSTON, both of Clinton, 26 May 1897 at Goderich 006914-97 (Huron Co): William COOK, 22, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o Joseph COOK & Matilda POTTER married Margaret HORTON, 19, Colborne, same, d/o James HORTON & Elizabeth STRACHAN. Wit: Elen HORTON and David HORTON, both of Colborne. November 3, 1897 at Colborne
007188-97 (Huron Co): Robert COOPER, 39, brick mason, St. Mary's, Clinton, s/o Alexander COOPER & Marion LOGAN married Margaret COLE, 20, Goderich, same, d/o Harvey COLE & Emily COLLINS. Wit: James McCLYMONT and Mrs. A. BURTON. October 25, 1897 at Varna 007172-97 (Huron Co) William COPP, 29, builder, Devon England, London Ont, s/o Jane A. & James COPP, married Sarah A. BUTSON, 30, Darlington Ont, London Ont, d/o Sarah E. & Robert BUTSON, witn: Thomas W. COPP, London Ont & Rebecca J. BUTSON, Whitby, 19 May 1897 at Seaforth
008006-99 (Huron) S. CORBETT, 23, labourer, Middlesex, McGillivray, s/o Nathaniel CORBETT & Darthey MOODY, to Jane HAWKINS, 23, Huron, Goderich, d/o James HAWKINS & Hannah MOODY, wit: Isaac HAWKINS & Catherine MACSON? both of Goderich, 23 November 1897, Goderich 7253-97 John COUPLAND, 59, widower, farmer, Ireland, Usborne twp., s/o Robert COUPLAND & Sarah RITCHIE, married Lydia ABRAY, 48, widow, Pickering twp., Usborne, d/o Matthew & Ann Bainbridge SWALLOW, witn: George & Lizzie SWALLOW of Clinton, 17 Feb 1899 at Woodham, Usborne
#006974-97 (Huron Co): Benson W. COX, 23, tailor, Goderich, Leamington, s/o George COX & Eliz. ALLAN, married Edith STEWART, 25, Colborne twp., Goderich, d/o Chris STEWART & C. WINEGARDEN, witn: George M. GUEST of Chicago & Margaret ROBERTS of Seaforth, 9 June 1897 at Goderich #007235-97 (Huron Co): illegible (Idds?) CRICH, 25, farmer, Tuckersmith, same, s/o James CRICH & Elizabeth FREEMAN, married Margaret Isabella DALE, 25, McKillop, Tuckersmith, d/o William DALE & Mary CHESNEY, witn: George DALE of Tuckersmith & Mary YELLOW of Exeter, 13? Nov 1897 at Tuckersmith
7308-97 James D. CUMBERLAND, 30, farmer, Canada, Wallace twp., s/o Joseph & Rebecca, married Annie CHAMNEY, 27, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Richard CHAMNEY, farmer, & Euphemia MASON, witn: Joseph CUMBERLAND of Wallace twp & Ellen ROBINSON of E. Wawanosh, 2 march 1897 at res of bride's father, Lot 29, con 9 of E. Wawanosh 007201-98 (Huron Co) George D. CURREY, 21, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o George CURREY & Lucinda McCANN married Elizabeth J. ALLEN, 21, Colborne, same, d/o Samuel ALLEN & Amelia TREBLE. Wit Fanny ALLEN and Isac(sic) CURREY, both of Colborne. March 10, 1897, at Colborne
7039-97 (Huron Co): John B. DICK, 30, lumber merchant, Hay twp., Clarksburg, s/o Thomas DICK & Sarah SHERFOOT?, married Carrie CHAPMAN, 27, Hensall, same, d/o William CHAPMAN & Mary A. FERRIS, witn: M.E. DICK of Hensall & William CHAPMAN of Hay twp., 10 Feb 1897 at Hensall #007250-97 (Huron Co): William DOCKET, 54, widower, farmer, of Henfeyn? twp - Grey, s/o Hugh DOCKET & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Sarah H. SMITH, 49, widow, of Wingham Town Plot - Turnberry, d/o William HARRISON & Mary MARTIN, 24 Nov 1897 at Turnberry
7225-97 John DODDS, 35, widower, farmer, Tuckersmith, Carberry Manitoba, s/o Andrew DODDS & Ellen HABKIRK, married Margaret E. ROBERTSON, 30, Tuckersmith, same, d/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Agnes McGREGOR, witn: Walter Fair CAIRNS & Mary E. ROBERTSON, both of Tuckersmith, 25 Feb. 1897 at Tuckersmith 7186-97 Joseph Alexander DOUGLAS, 32, vet surgeon, Stanley, Fairgrove Mich., s/o Allan DOUGLAS & Margaret NICHOL, married Rachel CARNE, 28, Stanley, same, d/o William CARNE & Rachel MILLER, witn: Robert DOUGLAS & Mary H. CARNE, both of Stanley, 16 June 1897 at Stanley
007180-97 (Huron Co) Michael DOWNEY, 37, farmer, McKillop Twp, same, s/o Bridget PIERCE & Stephen DOWNEY, married Annie FORTUNE, 25, Tuckersmith Twp, same, d/o Jane DORSEY & Luke FORTUNE, witn: Joseph DOWNEY, McKillop & Jennie FORTUNE, Tuckersmith, 23 Nov 1897 at Seaforth, RC #007227-97 (Huron Co): George Ferguson EDDIE, 35, Scotland, Tuckersmith, s/o George F. EDDIE & Ann MURRAY, married Mary Ann CURRY, 21, Canada, Tuckersmith, d/o John CURRY & Hannah BURTON, witn: Andrew F. CURRIE (sic) & Nellie FULTON, both of Tuckersmith, 16 June 1897 at Tuckersmith
007174-97 (Huron Co) Wm George Low EDMONDS, 25, wood finisher, Canada, Seaforth, s/o Margaret CAWSTON & John EDGMONDS, married Elizabeth REID, 22, Canada, Seaforth, d/o Mary DAVIS & James Campbell REID, witn: Albert T. EDMONDS, Stratford & Jean REID, Seaforth, 15 June 1897 at Seaforth #007248-97 (Huron Co): Samuel ELLIOTT, 25, brick maker, of Turnberry, s/o Eli ELLIOTT & Mary Ann SMALE, married Annie Maud HARDAKER, 19, of Wingham, d/o Samuel HARDAKER & Annie BEARD, witn: Elmer MOORE & Mary E. ELLIOTT, 20 Oct 1897 at Turnberry
7184-97 Thomas ELLIOTT, 33 (30?), farmer, Goderich twp., same, s/o Gabriel ELLIOTT & Elizabeth McCULLAH, married Mary E. KEYS, 29, Stanley, same, d/o Robert KEYS & Mary STYLES, wit: Benjamin KEYS of Stanley & Susie ELLIOTT of Goderich twp., 20 Jan 1897 at Stanley 7290-97 Levi C. ERB, 60, widower, farmer, Canada, Culross, s/o Jacob B. ERB & Mary CLEMMANS, married Susan SITEL, 48, widow, Canada, Mosa twp., d/o Joseph GOOD & Annie WHITMORE, witn: John & Mary KLENIG? of Wingham, 18 Oct. 1897 at Wingham
007183-97 (Huron Co) James Edward FAIRSERVICE, 29, farmer, Ontario, Hullett Twp, s/o Mary TAYLOR & Thomas FAIRSERVICE, married Effie Jane TYERMAN, 27, Ontario, Seaforth, d/o Mary Ann HUTCHISON & Andrew TYERMAN, witn: F.D. HUTCHISON, Seaforth & Jane FAIRSERVICE Hullett, 13 Dec 1897 at Seaforth 006959-97 (Huron Co): Robert FERGUSON, 27, doctor, Hay Twp, Minnesota U.S., s/o Robert FERGUSON & Eliza HOOD married Eda GOULD, 28, Exeter, same, d/o John GOULD & Isabella GILLESPIE. Wit: Charles SNELL and John G. GOULD, both of Exeter. June 4, 1897 at Exeter
007135-98 (Huron Co) Charles FERGUSON, 29, clergyman, Addison?, Kingston, s/o James & Hannah FERGUSON married Elizabeth GLENN, 35, Ashfield, same, d/o James GLENN & Eleanor SAVAGE. Wit Frank GLENN of Ashfield and Lavinia HOUGHTON of Dungannon. December 22, 1897 at Ashfield 7284-97 John FINLEY, 33, laborer, Wroxeter, Town Plot - Wingham, s/o William [FINLEY] & Mary Jane PHIPPEN, married Maggie J. ANDERSON, 21, Wiarton, Wingham, d/o Alex & Ellen, witn: William E. & Emma FINLEY of Town Plot - Wingham, 30 May 1897 at Wingham
7297-97 James FINNEGAN, 36, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o John & Mary J., married Emily GIBSON, 30, West Wawanosh, same, d/o James & Charlotte, witn: Richard FINNEGAN & Lottie GIBSON, both of W. Wawanosh, 9 June 1897 at West Wawanosh #007247-97 (Huron Co): James Alexander FLEMING, 24, merchant, Turnberry, same, s/o Alexander FLEMING & Margaret ADAMS, married Jessie Lavina HIGGINS, 19, Turnberry, same, d/o Thomas HIGGINS & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Frank HIGGINS of Turnberry & Maggie FLEMING of Belmore, 13 Oct 1897 at Turnberry
006892-97 (Huron Co): John FORSEY, 21, mason, not given, Milverton Ont, s/o Emma & John married Magglena ATTWOOD, 17, not given, Listowel Ont, d/o John & Mary SHULTZ. Wit: John DICKSON and Elsie W. ROSS, res not given. July 12, 1897 at Brussels #007243-97 (Huron Co): William L. FRASER, 28, farmer, Morris, same, s/o Lauchlin FRASER & Mary Ann TURVEY, married Maggie Belle BURGESS, 27, Morris, Turnberry, d/o John BURGESS & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, witn: James BURGESS of Bluevale & Martha FRASER of Morris, 23 June 1897 at Bluevale, Turnberry twp
7034-97 (Huron Co): James H. FULTON, 24, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o John FULTON & Jane CRAWFORD, married Sarah WILLIAMSON, 25, Hibbert twp., Grey twp., d/o James B. WILLIAMSON & Elizabeth CARDIFF, witn: Enoch CLARK & Maggie J. WILLIAMSON, both of Grey twp., 15 Dec 1897 at Grey twp 7306-97 James R. GAUNT, 32, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o John GAUNT & Ann RUTHERFORD, married Margaret JAMIESON, 18, East Wawanosh, same, illegit d/o Mary JAMIESON, witn: Thomas JAMIESON Jr. of E. Wawanosh & Catherine Jane GAUNT of W. Wawanosh, 27 Jan 1897 t res of bride's grandparents, Lot 32, Con 8 of East Wawanosh
6942-97 (Huron Co): John A. GREEN, 21, baker, Colborne twp., same, s/o Andrew & Mary Ann, married Annie M. ALEXANDER, 21, Goderich twp., Clinton, d/o William ALEXANDER & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn: Lulu STANLEY of Toledo Ohio & William M. GREEN of Goderich, 28 Feb 1897 at Clinton 6911-97 John HACKET, 34, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Mary KIRKPATRICK, 30, Colborne, Ashfield, d/o Alexander KIRKPATRICK & Agnes YOUNG, witn: Joseph HACKET of Belfast & Martha MEDD of Wawanosh, 12 May 1897 at Ashfield (also 6875-97)
007166-97 (Huron Co) James HAGAN, 30, farmer, Zurich Ont, same, s/o Annie JORDAN & James HAGAN, married Flora MCKINNON, 27, Tuckersmith Twp, same, d/o Flora MCMILLAN & Donald MCKINNON, witn: Angus MCKINNON, Tuckersmith & Mary HAGAN, Hills Green, 23 Feb 1897 at Seaforth, RC 006884-97 (Huron Co): William HALL, 27, farmer, Ontario, Grey Ont, s/o William & Mary Ann married Clarissa JEWETT, 30, Ontario, Grey Ont, d/o William & Mary. Wit: Robert JEWETT of Brussels and Lida HALL of Grey. January 13, 1897 at Brussels
007239-97 (Huron Co): William HALLIDAY, 24, drayman, Howick, Wingham, s/o James HALLIDAY & Janet McVITTIE, married Janet EADIE, 28, Turnberry, same, d/o Thomas EADIE & Agnes MITCHELL, witn: Hugh HALLIDAY of Belmore & Margaret J. EADIE of Turnberry, 17 March 1897 at Turnberry 007137-98 (Huron Co) Harry HALLIDAY, 24, barber, U.S., Dungannon, s/o John & Flora HALLIDAY married Amanda SMILEY, 21, Canada, Dungannon, d/o Thomas & Maria SMILEY. Wit Harry RYAN of Nile and Mabel MALLOUGH of Dungannon. December 22, 1897 at Dungannon.
7255-97 Joslin HARDING, 31, laborer, Devonshire England, Usborne twp., s/o James HARDING & Thomasina ANDREW, married Mary CORNISH, 24, Usborne twp., same, d/o John CORNISH & Eliza PARISH, witn: Francis & Mrs. F. MORLEY of Usborne twp., 3 March 1897 at Elimville 006984-97 (Huron Co): Frederick J. HARTWELL, 28, bricklayer, England, Clinton, s/o James & Jane HARTWELL married Elizabeth Annie HALL, 29, Sheppardton, Goderich, d/o Thomas & Eliza HALL. Wit: Thomas HALL and Eliza HALL, both of Goderich. December 15, 1897 at Godoerich
007178-97 (Huron Co) Ernest Richard HARWOOD, 27, telegrapher, Portsmouth England, London, s/o Mary HAYWARD & Wm HARWOOD, married Mary Florence LIDDELL, 29, Iona, London, d/o Margaret CROSSBY & John LIDDELL, witn: Emanuel & Annie HOLCOMBE, both of Seaforth, 23 Sept 1897 at Seaforth 007241-97 (Huron Co): John HASTINGS, 29, railway employee, Turnberry, same, s/o Thomas HASTINGS & Janet McDOUGALL, married Isabella ANDERSON, 28, Turnberry, Glen Annan - Turnberry, d/o William ANDERSON & Annie McEWEN, witn: James McDOUGALL of Glen Farrow & Maggie ANDERSON of Glen Annan, 18 April 1897 at Turnberry
007175-97 (Huron Co) Robert Nelson HAYS, 27, salesman, Canada, Chicago Ill., s/o Janet HENDERSON & Thomas E. HAYS, married Eliz. Forbes CAMPBELL, 24, Canada, Seaforth, d/o Jane HOSSACK & Alex Murray CAMPBELL, witn: Thomas E. HAYS & Alex M. CAMPBELL, both of Seaforth, 23 June 1897 at Seaforth 007204-97 (Huron Co): John HEAMAN, 25, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Jerry HEAMAN & Sarah Ann RORK (ROUK?) married Emma G.A. BAKER, 28, Stephen, same, d/o William BAKER & Frances KELLAND. Wit: William J. HEAMAN and Eva BAKER, both of Stephen. May 26, 1897 at Stephen
006870-97 (Huron Co): John Jackson HELM, 38, farmer, Vaughan, Ashfield, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth HELM married Sarah Ann ANDERSON, 27, Ashfield, same, d/o David ANDERSON & Mary Ann WEBSTER. Wit: Albert HELM and Elizabeth ANDERSON, both of Ashfield. January 6, 1897 at Ashfield 007201-97 (Huron Co): Walter R. HILL, 28, farmer, Ontario, Stephen, s/o Walter HILL & Mary BROKENSHIRE married Louisa SWEET, 24, Ontario, Stephen, d/o Robert & Jane SWEET. Wit: Franklin HILL of Centralia and Clara CLARKE of Crediton. March 24, 1897 at Crediton
7258-97 John Robert HIND, 26, carpenter, Usborne, same, s/o John HIND & Elizabeth MANLEY, married Victoria COULTICE, 26, Usborne, same, d/o Richard COULTICE & Sarah SMITH, witn: Albert E. & Ida A. ANDREWS of Usborne twp., 2 June 1897 at Elimville 6923-97 (Huron Co): Frank Ronald HODGENS, 25, merchant, Clinton, same, s/o John HODGENS & Jane J. ROWELL?, married Anna Rippey IRWIN, 24, Clinton, same, d/o Richard IRWIN & Hattie RIPPEY, witn: George R. HODGENS & Mary IRWIN, both of Clinton, 6 Jan 1897 at Clinton
007415-98 (Huron) John E. HOFFMAN, 23, builder, Hay, Dashwood, s/o Henry HOFFMAN & Annie VOLKER, to Caroline GUNTHER, 21, New York, Stephen, d/o Tobias GUNTHER & Catherine WOLF, wit: Henry HOFFMAN of Dashwood & Elizabeth GUNTHER of Stephen, 27 October 1897, Dashwood 6937-97 (Huron Co): Robert HOGGARTH, 32, laborer, Huron Co., Goderich, s/o Joseph & unknown, married Rachel McGRATTAN, 26, Wawanosh twp., Goderich, d/o William McGRATTAN & Caroline SPROAT, witn: Florence KNIGHT of Goderich & John McLEOD of Ripley, 11 Aug 1897 at Clinton
007558-97 (Huron Co): Alexander HOUSTON, 24 (or 29), farmer, Ontario, Harwich twp., s/o John HOUSTON & Mary McKILLOP, married Jennie SMITH, 21, Ontario, Harwich twp., d/o Robert SMYTH (sic), farmer, & Agnes, witn: Michael HOUSTON & Maggie McMAHN, both of Harwich twp., 17 Nov 1897 at Harwich 006885-97 (Huron Co): William M. HUDSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Grey Ont, s/o Charles & Annie married Ettie PAWSON, 20, Ontario, Grey Ont, d/o William & Catherine. Wit: W. H. LOWE and Annie PAWSON, both of Grey. March 3, 1897 at Brussels
006877-97 (Huron Co): John HUNTER, 46, farmer, Scotland, Ashfield, s/o Thomas & Agnes HUNTER married Ann Matilda CULBERT, 38, Ashfield, same, d/o Thomas & Jane CULBERT. Wit: John D. MURDOCH and Mary DREANY, both of Ashfield. August 4, 1897 at Ashfield 007229-97 (Huron Co): Robert HUNTER, 30, farmer, England, Detroit, s/o William & Letitia, married Mary E. STANBURY, 26, Ontario, Stanley, d/o William STANBURY & Emily DODDS, witn: William & Rebecca STANBURY of Stanley, 29 June 1897 at Tuckersmith
7292-97 Thomas IRWIN, 27, farmer, Huron Co., Ashfield twp., s/o William IRWIN & Elizabeth GRIER, married Agnes Jane McALLISTER, 22, Huron Co., Ashfield twp., d/o Ann McALLISTER & blank, witn: Frank & Frances E. PATTERSON of Wingham, 10 Nov 1897 at Wingham 007202-98 (Huron Co) John JENKINS, 39, farmer, Port Hope, Colborne, s/o James JENKINS & Grace SLEURIS? married Emily OKE, 31, Colborne, same, d/o John OKE & Grade WADE. Wit Isaac JENKINS and Lizzie OLIVANT, both of Colborne. December 28, 1897, at Colborne.
#006967-97 (Huron Co): John JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Goderich, same, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Sarah BELL, 27, Walton County [?], Goderich twp., d/o Willis & M.A., witn: Edith McKAY of Goderich & John BELL of Goderich twp., 20 Jan 1897 at Goderich 6934-97 (Huron Co): John Albert JOHNSTON, 30, yeoman, Goderich twp., Huron Co., s/o John JOHNSTON & Elizabeth WHITE, married Jane ADDISON, 30, Scotland, Hullett twp., d/o George ADDISON & Jane WEBSTER, witn: Charles JOHNSTON & Louise ADDISON, both of Hullett, 12 July 1897 at Clinton
7303-97 Robert JONES, 32, carpenter, Colborne twp., Auburn, s/o James & Hannah, married Annie HELWIG, 24, Tavistock Ont., Auburn, d/o Conrad & Mary, witn: Conrad DECKER of St. Helens & Susie JONES of Auburn, 22 Dec 1897 at Auburn 6941-97 (Huron Co): Frederick JOYNER, 24, machinist, London England, Clinton, s/o Henry JOYNER & Hannah WHEELER, married Margaret Jane NOBLE, 21, Hullett twp., Clinton, d/o Thomas & Jane Ann, witn: James McNEIL & M.A. NOBLE, both of Hullett, 13 Oct 1897 at Clinton
#006978-97 (Huron Co): Charles Alfred KEENE, 21, machinist, Canada, Goderich, s/o Alf & Emily, married Mary Line GIVEN, 21, Canada, Ashfield, d/o Joe GIVEN & Mary BLACK, witn: Emily MERRIMAN & Mary STAPLETON, both of Goderich, 5 March 1897 at Goderich 006953-97 (Huron Co): William KEOUGH, 42, widower, blacksmith, Ireland, London City, s/o William & Elizabeth KEOUGH married Elizabeth Ellen CARLEY, 43, Hay Twp, Exeter, d/o John & Ruth CARLEY. Wit: Thomas CLARKE and W. R. HORELL, both of Exeter. June 30, 1897 at Exeter
#007240-97 (Huron Co): Robert C. KING, 28, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o Duncan KING & Mary WARWICK, married Annie STOWE, 21, Turnberry, same, d/o William STOWE & Isabella CRAIG, witn: Peter D. KING & Lizzie JOHNSTON, both of Turnberry, 24 March 1897 at Turnberry 7310-97 Albert S. KNOX, 25, yeoman, Hullett twp., same, s/o John KNOX & Phoebe LAWSON, married Elizabeth L. J. WILSON, 20, East Wawanosh, same, d/o Catherine & Christopher?, witn: Bella WILSON of East Wawanosh & Alan WAY of Hullett, 2 June 1897 at res of bride's parents, Lot 28, Con 1 of East Wawanosh
7226-97 David LAIDLAW, 23, mason, Tuckersmith, same, s/o George LAIDLAW & Mary McEWEN, married Mary H. McGONNIGLE, 24, McKillop, Tuckersmith, d/o George McGONNIGLE & Ellen HABKIRK, witn: Robert McGONNIGLE & Elizabeth LAIDLAW, both of Tuckersmith, 24 Feb 1897 at Tuckersmith 7027-97 (Huron Co): John A. LAMONT, 33, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o John & Mary, married Maggie McTAGGART, 27, Grey twp., same, d/o John McTAGGART & Jane McNAIR, witn: Neil McTAGGART & Mary Jane LAMONT, both of Grey twp., 16 June 1897 at Grey twp
#007245-97 (Huron Co): John LOCKERIDGE, 24, mechanic, blank, of Lower Wingham, s/o Samuel LOCKERIDGE & Elizabeth BURNS, married Mary HERGOTT, 20, blank, of Wingham, d/o John HERGOT (sic) & Frances DEMERT, witn: William LOCKERIDGE & Martha McILWAIN, 21 July 1897 at Lower Wingham, Turnberry 006977-97 (Huron Co): James David LONG, 34, machinist, Ontario, Wingham, s/o John LONG & H. RUSLING, married Isa SWALLOWS, 27, Ontario, Goderich, d/o Robert SWALLOWS & Ellen LUTH?, witn: Robert TINDALL of Wingham & Ada MORRIS of Colborne twp., 30 June 1897 at Wingham
7021-97 (Huron Co): Andrew MACHAN, 22, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Amelia HOWARD, 21, Grey twp., same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: John HOWARD & Mary MACHAN, both of Grey twp., 12 Jan 1897 at Grey twp 6907-97 Archibald MacVICAR, 34, clergyman, Caradoc, Huntsville, s/o Donald MacVICAR & Sarah McCORKINDALE, married Mary McNiven McLEAN, 23, Blyth, same, d/o Archibald McLEAN & Elizabeth INGLIS, witn: Millie McLEAN of Blyth & A. A. GRAHAM of Petrolia, 22 Sept 1897 at Blyth
7260-97 James Jeffers MAHAFFEY, 28, barrister, Brampton Ont., Streetsville, s/o William MAHAFFEY & Margaret STOKER, married Adeline BROWNING, 25, Exeter, same, d/o J.H. BROWNING & Eleanor CASH, witn: Maud WICKS of Exeter & Anna FLETCHER of Usborne, 17 Aug. 1897 at Thames Road, Usborne 7037-97 (Huron Co): Frank Harry MAINE, 25, farmer, Birmingham England, Tuckersmith twp., s/o Thomas MAINE & Eliza BREWER, married Annie Maud WINDSOR, 19, Claudboye?, Tuckersmith twp., d/o John WINDSOR & Mary Jane PARKER, witn: Louisa NEELANDS & Hedda WADDELL, both of Hensall, 22 Feb 1897 at Hensall
#006971-97 (Huron Co): George MAIR, 21, farmer, Huron Co., same, s/o Gilbert MAIR & Sarah CARTER, married Emma BAKER, 19, Huron Co., same, d/o Richard BAKER & Annie RUMBALL, witn: W.S. JENKINS & Annie BAKER, both of Clinton, 12 May 1897 at Goderich twp 007182-97 (Huron Co) William MARTIN, 27, labourer, Beaverton, Goderich, s/o Alice FRANCIS & Wright MARTIN, married Maud WEIR, 19, London Twp Middlesex Co, Seaforth, d/o Laura TROYER & Robert WEIR, witn: E. & AGNES THOMPSON, both of Seaforth, 11 Dec 1897 at Seaforth
007168-97 (Huron Co) Michael MATTHEWS, 26, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o Frances LONGWORTH & Jas MATTHEWS, married Mary HEFFERNAN, 28, McKillop, Tuckersmith, d/o Frances BARRY & Michael HEFFERNAN, witn: Lawrence & Teresa HEFFERNAN, Tuckersmith, 2 Mar 1897 at Seaforth, RC 007200-98 (Huron Co) Albert E. MAYE, 32, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o William MAYE & Elizabeth BRYANS married Ellen GARDNER, 29, Ireland, Colborne, d/o Thomas GARDNER & Ellen BLAKELY. Wit Nina GARDNER and Samuel GARDNER, both of Colborne. December 29, 1897, at Colborne.
7024-97 (Huron Co): Alexander McALLISTER, 27, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o John McALLISTER & Isabella MUNROE, married Mary Paulina AMES, 27, Grey twp., Ethel, d/o Samuel AMES & Mary FOSTER, witn: Robert McALLISTER & Melissa AMES, both of Grey twp., 9 June 1897 at Ethel, Grey twp. 7046-97 James McARTHUR, 29, farmer, Tuckersmith twp., Hensall, s/o Robert McARTHUR & Jane BELL, married Alice WELSH, 20, Merdan? - North Devon England, Hensall, d/o Richard WELSH & Mary Jane SCOTT, witn: James BELL & Mary WELSH, both of Hensall, 7 Sept 1897 at Hensall
#006976-97 (Huron Co): William John McCABE, 25, farmer, Goderich twp., same, s/o William McCABE & B. COLBORNE, married Martha A. YOUNG, 25, Huron Co., Goderich twp., d/o Henry YOUNG & M.J. TREBLE, witn: illegible [Rebecca McCABE & William YOUNG?], 5 March 1897 at Goderich 6940-97 (Huron Co): James McCLACHERTY, 25, merchant, Mitchell, Clinton, s/o J. McCLACHERTY & Ann JACKSON, married Jennie Edith NIMMENS, 24, Clinton, same, d/o George NIMMENS & Mary COX, witn: Mary E. FRITCHED & J.E. CANTELON, both of Clinton, 1 Sept 1897 at Clinton
007363-98 (Huron Co) John McCOLL, 25, farmer, Morris, Kinloss, s/o William McCOLL & Hannah JACKSON married Sarah Elizabeth MARSHALL, 21, Morris, same, d/o William MARSHALL & Rachel CADE (Code?). Wit Edward HODGINS of Kinloss and Mary McCALL of Morris. December 29, 1897 at Morris.  
7444-98 Herbert McCONNEL, 28, Minister of the Gospel, Rawdon twp., Hopkins Mich. s/o Elias & Sarah, married Jane Isabella BREMNER, 23, Howick, Turnberry, d/o George & Irene, witn: George McCONNEL of Rawdon & Florence BREMNER of Turnberry, 29 Dec 1897 at Turnberry 7252-97 John James McCULLAGH, 26, laborer, Usborne, same, s/o D. James McCULLAGH & Jane ARMSTRONG, married Mary Ellen COOPER, 19, Usborne, same, d/o Jonathan COOPER & Emma SHUTE, witn: John W. ARMSTRONG & Alice RODD, both of Usborne, 13 Jan 1897 at Thames Road, Usborne
#007242-97 (Huron Co): Thomas McDONALD, 27, barber, Turnberry, Wingham, s/o John & Ross?, married Mary Jane HOMUTH, 21, Turnberry, same, d/o William HOMUTH & Elizabeth GINRICH, witn: John McDONALD & Charles T. HOMUTH, both of Turnberry, 15 June 1897 at Turnberry 006878-97 (Huron Co): James McDONALD, 22, farmer, Ashfield, same, s/o Finley McDONALD & Sarah HALIDAY married Christina Ann McLEAN, 20, Ashfield, Amberley, d/o Donald & Isabella McLEAN. Wit: James MILLER and Isabella McLEAN, both of Ashfield. September 15, 1897 at Ashfield
6931-97 (Huron Co): Albert McGEE, 29, farmer, Goderich twp., Bayfield, s/o Peter McGEE & Elizabeth CONNELL, married Jessie M. NICHOLSON, 25, Tuckersmith twp., Bayfield, d/o William NICHOLSON & Janet COWAN, witn: Elizabeth J. STEWART & Mary MATHESON, both of Clinton, 9 June 1897 at Clinton 7307-97 William Albert McGILL, 24, farmer, Howick twp., same, s/o Robert & Esther, married Margaret Elizabeth MARTIN, 23, East Wawanosh, same, d/o James MARTIN, farmer, & Charlotte WIGHT, witn: William GIBSON of Winnipeg & Mary M. MARTIN of Glasston North Dakota, 9 Feb 1897 at res of bride's parents, Lot 28, con 12 of E. Wawanosh
7299-97 Robert McGUIRE, 24, laborer, Kinloss twp., St. Helens, s/o John & Catherine, married Marion THOMS, 20, West Wawanosh, St. Helens, d/o William & Marion, witn: Alfred McGUIRE of St. Helens & Lilly TAYLOR of W Wawanosh, 12 Jan 1897 at Wingham 006872-97 (Huron Co): Norman McKAY, 38, farmer, Kinloss, North Dakota, s/o Donald & Rachel McKAY married Mary Ann STROUD, 34, Ashfield, same, d/o David STROUD & Martha JOHNSTON. Wit: William J. JOHNSTON and Mary Elizabeth RUTTLE, both of Ripley. February 7, 1897 at Ashfield
7023-97 (Huron Co): James Peter McKAY, 27, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o Robert McKAY & Ellen FERGUSON, married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, 22, Grey twp., same, d/o William ELLIOTT & Margaret THOMSON, witn: Alexander McKAY of Owen Sound & Mina BROWN of Grey twp., 14 April 1897 at Grey twp #006968-97 (Huron Co): Duncan McKAY, 38, farmer, Scotland, Ashfield twp., s/o R. McKAY & C. CAMERON, married Annie McLEOD, 25, Ashfield twp., same, d/o D. McLEOD & M. McDONALD, witn: John & Mary McLEOD of Ashfield, 22 April 1897 of Goderich
6936-97 (Huron Co): Angus McKELVIE, 31, mill owner, Durham O., Liskeard - Nipis. Dist., s/o John McKELVIE & Annet GILLIES, married Jessie DOWZER, 26, Blanshard twp., Clinton, d/o John DOWZER & Jennie SPENCE, witn: John Malcolm & Maggie DOWZER of Clinton, 11 Aug 1897 at Clinton 7185-97 Alexander Kennedy McLEAN, 35, doctor, Wellington Co., Toronto, s/o Gilbert McLEAN & Janet LOGIE, married Jemima FRASER, 29, Middlesex, Stanley, d/o Donald FRASER & Jane NOBLE, witn: Thomas FRASER & Annie ROSS, both of Stanley, 29 June 1897 at Stanley
7267-97 Adam McLEAN, 29, barber, Howick twp., Wroxeter, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Louise PLAYFORD, 27, Wroxeter, same, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth, witn: Hugh A. McLEAN of Minto twp & Millie PLAYFORD of Wroxeter, 13 May 1897 at Wroxeter #007231-97 (Huron Co): Andrew McLELLAN, 30, farmer, of Hibbert, s/o Andrew McLELLAN & Agnes HAWTHORNE, married Rhoda ATKINSON, 20, of Tuckersmith, d/o Joseph ATKINSON & Isabella BURNS, witn: Alfred ATKINSON & Kate S. McLELLAN, 22 Dec 1897 at Tuckersmith
007176-97 (Huron Co) (Rev) Neil McPHERSON B.D., 33, clergyman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Jane MCDONALD & John MCPHERSON, married Isabella BARR, 27, Canada, McKillop Twp, d/o Margaret SPARKS & Matthew BARR, witn: Rev. J.D. MCCULLOCH, Dresden & Janet BARR, McKillop Twp, 20 July 1897 at Seaforth 6930-97 (Huron Co): Charles M. McTAGGART, 21, farmer, Malahide twp., same, s/o John McTAGGART & Martha S. SCHOOLEY, married Laura M. BROWN, 22, Malahide twp., Clinton, d/o Jonathan BROWN & Mary E. BALCART?, witn: Edward J. DRYSDALE of Demboyne & Emily M. BROWN of Clinton, 30 March 1897 at Clinton
006876-97 (Huron Co): James McWHINNEY, 23, farmer, Colborne, Ashfield, s/o William McWHINNEY & Mary DUSTON (Dustow?) married Caroline McGRATTON, 21, Ashfield, same, d/o William McGRATTON & Caroline SPROUL. Wit: John McWHINNEY and Grace McKNIGHT, both of Ashfield. August 4, 1897 at Ashfield 7304-97 James MENARY, 32, farmer, Dungannon, Crewe, s/o Thomas & Rebecca, married Mary A. CURRAN, 31, West Wawanosh, St. Helens, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: John MENARY of Crewe & Eliza J. TODD of St. Helens, 29 Dec 1897 at St. Helens
#006979-97 (Huron Co): Thomas MENARY, 27, stone mason, Huron Co., same, s/o Thomas M. & Rebecca, married Mary Elizabeth PIERCE, 21, Huron Co., same, d/o W. PIERCE & M.J. SCOTT, witn: W.G. MENARY of Crews & Lilly STEPHENSON of Pt. Albert, 13 Jan 1897 at Goderich 7261-97 Mathew Virtue MILLER, 34, farmer, Hibbert twp., same, s/o Michael MILLER & Helen CONLEY, married Helen Louisa WILLIAMS, 28, Logan twp., Usborne twp., d/o Eleazor WILLIAMS & Hellen CONLEY (both mothers with same name), witn: George WILLIAMS of Elimsville & Margaret A. MILLER of Lumley, 8 Sept 1897 at Elimville
6908-97 Charles Clifford MILLS, 21, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o Richard MILLS & Maria Jane BURROWS, married Jane Ann ERWIN, 24, Bayfield, same, d/o James ERWIN & Margaret HUNT, witn: Charles STEWART of Bayfield & Frank BENNETT of Temp, 17 March 1897 at Bayfield #007559-97 (Huron Co): Alexander MONTGOMERY, 43, carpenter, Ontario, Harwich twp., s/o Abram & Eliza, married Victoria FRIEND, 51, widow, house keeper, Ontario, Harwich twp., d/o John KEDDLE & Eliza, witn: John & Emily Lilly KEIVER of Harwich twp., 20 Oct 1897 at Harwich
007760-99 (Huron Co): John Wesley MOORE, 26, organ tuner, Ontario, Clinton, s/o Edward MOORE & Rebecca Jane DENNISON married Henrietta FARQUHAR, 25, Hullett, Clinton, d/o Thomas FARQUHAR & Jane McMILLAN. Wit: W. H. PETTIPIECE and B. HEYWOOD, both of Clinton. February 17, 1897 at Clinton 7032-97 (Huron Co): Henry MOORE, 27, farmer, Hullett twp., same, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Maggie J. MORRISON, 25, Grey twp., same, d/o Matthew & Mary Ann, witn: George MOORE of Hullett twp & Bella MAGILL of Blyth, 22 Sept 1897 at Grey twp
7026-97 (Huron Co): George MORGAN, 35, harness maker, Burford twp., New Durham, s/o James & Eliza, married Lena FOGAL, 30, Vaughan twp., Ethel, d/o Morris FOGAL & Hannah GOWER, witn: James G. TATE & Bertha FOGAL, both of Ethel, 15 June 1897 at Ethel 7311-97 Henry MORRISH, 27, teacher, Colborne twp., same, s/o Nicholas MORRISH & Mary JEWELL, married Henrietta McCLINTON, 24, East Wawanosh, same, d/o John McCLINTON & Christena HALL, witn: Albert McDOWELL of East Wawanosh & Mary J. MORRISH of Colborne, 14 July 1897 at res of bride's parents, Lot 33, Con 5 of East Wawanosh
#006970-97 (Huron Co): Marshall MORRISH, 22, electrician, Ontario, Clinton, s/o John MORRISH & Mary J. DORELL, married Ada M. M. McDONALD, 20, USA, Clinton, d/o Donald McDONALD & Janet McKENZIE, witn: Lizzie EDGE & Maud OKE, both of Goderich, 14 March 1897 at Goderich #006973-97 (Huron Co): Fred MUGFORD, 23, farmer, Victoria Co., Colborne twp., s/o John MUGFORD & Fannie MAY, married Maggie HORNBY, 21, Goderich twp., Colborne twp., d/o Thomas HORNBY & Sarah WHITE, witn: Sophia NEWTON & Lizzie EDGE, both of Goderich, 26 May 1897 at Goderich
007196-97 (Huron Co): John NICHOL, 31, farmer, Westminster, Middlesex Co, s/o Andrew & Jessie NICHOL married Elizabeth EAGLESON, 28, farmer, Bayfield, Stephen, d/o Wilson & Martha EAGLESON. Wit: Wilson EAGLESON of Stephen and Jenet PATCHING of Middlesex. January 20, 1897 at Stephen 006886-97 (Huron Co): William OAKLEY, 30, farmer, Ontario, Morris, s/o Thomas & Georgina married Charlotte BENNER, 22, Ontario, Brussels, d/o Joseph & Jessie. Wit: Thomas OAKLEY and Eugenia OAKLEY, both of McKillop. March 10, 1897 at Brussels
007198-97 (Huron Co): George O'LEARY, 30, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o Arthur O'LEARY & Ellen GARLAND married Catherine DOYLE, 37, McGillivray, same, d/o Michael & Catherine DOYLE. Wit: G.A. O'LEARY of Cartwright and Catherine DOYLE of McGillivray Twp. February 9, 1897 at Mt. Carmel 007167-97 (Huron Co) Joshua Henry PAREN, 20, labourer, Canada, McKillop Twp, s/o Mary COULTES & Lawrence PAREN, married Emma Jane GALLAHER, 20, U. States, McKillop Twp, widow, d/o Mary TAYLOR & Edward BOUCHER, witn: Agnes MCDONALD & Alice LOWE, both of Seaforth, 25 Feb 1897 at Seaforth
006894-97 (Huron Co): William James PASSMORE, 23, painter, Ontario, Teeswater, s/o John & Ann PASSMORE married Sarah Jane CURRIE, 22, Ontario, Wingham, d/o John & Elizabeth CURRIE. Wit: Mrs. J. L. KERR and Emeline KERR, both of Brussels. September 8, 1897 at Brussels 7309-97 William Henry PATTERSON, 29, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o David PATTERSON & Agnes INGLIS, married Kate FAIR, 24, Dalhousie twp., Lucknow, d/o Andrew FAIR & Mary BAILEY, wtn: Thomas INGLIS & Ida E. PATTERSON, both of W. Wawanosh, 4 May 1897 at village of Whitechurch, 14th con of E. Wawanosh
006895-97 (Huron Co): Walter Smith PAYNE, 23, machinist, Ontario, Seaforth, s/o William PAYNE & Janet SMITH married Elen WILTON, 23, Ontario, Brussels, d/o Hastings WILTON & Harriet EAMER. Wit: William WILTON and Maggie WILTON, both of Brussels. September 29, 1897 at Brussels #007251-97 (Huron Co): Bernie PAYNE, farmer, McKillop, same, s/o George & Hannah Foster PAYNE, married Mary Ellen SMITH, 25, Blyth, Grey, d/o John B. & Jane Henderson SMITH, witn: Gordon McDOWELL of McKillop & Eliza SMITH of Grey, 15 Dec 1897 at Bluevale, Turnberry twp
007179-97 (Huron Co) William Frederick PECKITT, 25, cooper, Canada, Clinton, s/o Elizabeth MOORE & John PECKITT, married Martha PRATT, 26, United States, Clinton, d/o Jane WELDON & Silas PRATT, witn: George W. HAXBY & Alice PRATT, both of Clinton, 4 Oct 1897 at Seaforth 7030-97 (Huron Co): Walter Jos. PENNINGTON, 23, yeoman, England, Grey twp., s/o Walter & Constance, married Margaret H.D. CARDIFF, 18, Grey twp., same, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Robert J. SHINE & Eveline F. CARDIFF, both of Grey twp., 23 June 1897 at Grey twp
  007762-99 (Huron Co): Stillwell PHIPPS, 25, laborer, Whitby Ont, Goderich Twp, s/o Stillwell PHIPPS & Mary RICE married Annie May BLACKWELL, 19, Mitchell, Goderich Twp, d/o James BLACKWELL & Almestal STANTON. Wit: M. E. MILLYARD and A. T. COOPER, both of Clinton. March 18, 1897 at Clinton
7294-97 Robert J. PLUNKETT, 28, farmer, West Wawanosh, same, s/o John & Maria, married Maria Adelia RUTLEDGE, 20, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Jennie BURROWS of Goderich & Sidney GIB--? of W. Wawanosh, 10 March 1897 at West Wawanosh 7286-97 David POCOCK, 22, farmer, Turnberry, same, s/o George POCOCK & Mary HUTTON, married Mary Ann UZELL, 28, Culross, same, d/o Peter UZELL & Elizabeth SIMPLE, witn: Peter & Eliza UZELL of Kinloss twp., 8 Sept 1897 at Wingham
7291-97 Thomas Aaron POWELL, 32, saw miller, Ontario, Fordwich, s/o Howell POWELL & Betsy LANGLET?, married Sarah Maria COCHRAN, 32, Ontario, East Wawanosh, d/o James COCHRAN & Mary KLINGWORTH, witn: Duncan & Margaret CAMPBELL of Morris twp., 10 Nov 1897 at Wingham 7268-97 Benjamin PRICE, 26, laborer, England, Seaforth, s/o Benjamin & Matilda, married Ada May HAYDEN, 20, Turnberry twp., same, d/o Hezekiah, farmer, & Martha, witn: Oliver HAYDEN of Turnberry & Annie PRICE of Seaforth, 17 Nov 1897 at Wroxeter
7256-97 Franklin W. PRIDHAM, 30, farmer, Fullarton twp., same, s/o William & Mary A., married Elsie Annetta SHIER, 21, Usborne twp., same, d/o Nicholas & Jemima, witn: J. PRIDHAM of Fullarton & Amanda SHIER of Usborne, 26 May 1897 at Kirkton, Usborne 7288-97 James PURDON, 22, farmer, Ontario, East Wawanosh, s/o Robert PURDON & Jane THOM, married Barbara Jane STEIN, 20, Ontario, Turnberry, d/o John STEIN & Mary DAVISON, witn: Maggie STEIN & Absalom TAYLOR, both of E. Wawanosh, 14 Sept 1897 at Wingham
7266-97 John RABY, 22, farmer, Waterloo Ont., Morris twp., s/o James & Charlotte, married Elizabeth SMALL, 19, Wingham, same, d/o Robert SMALL & Margaret SADLER, witn: John KNUTSON & Jessie S. ANDERSON, both of Wroxeter, 22 June 1897 at Wroxeter #007244-97 (Huron Co): Herbert RAMSAY, 26, mechanic, Eramosa, Guelph, s/o Andrew RAMSAY & Mary C. McKENZIE, married Mary Jane MURDOCK, 22, Lucknow, Guelph, d/o Peter MURDOCK & Isabella McDONALD, witn: Michael & Millie ROBERTSON of Wingham, 30 June 1897 at Turnberry
6943-97 (Huron Co): Jabez RANDS, 24, blacksmith, Hullett twp., Clinton, s/o Edward RANDS & Elizabeth BUTTON?, married Rosa M. ROUTLEDGE, 19, Clinton, same, d/o Edward ROUTLEDGE & Eliza WEBB, witn: AF. & T.H. CLEMENT of Clinton, 26 Oct 1897 at Clinton 007763-99 (Huron Co): Frederick J. RATH, 26, farmer, Wawanosh, same, s/o James RATH & Ellen WILSON married Eva JACKSON, 19, Wawanosh, same, d/o J. JACKSON & Sarah WALLACE. Wit: Challie BARGE and M. E. MILLYARD, both of Clinton. December 1, 1897 at Clinton
006880-97 (Huron Co): Richard L. REID, 30, farmer, Canada, Ashfield, s/o H. William & Mary Ann REID married Dorcas Ellen MAIZE, 28, Canada, Ashfield, d/o John William & Elizabeth MAIZE. Wit: Richard JOHNSTON of Ashfield and Frank CRAWFORD of Dungannon. December 8, 1897 at Ashfield 7031-97 (Huron Co): John Henry RIVERS, 28, physician, Canada, Stephen twp., s/o Peter & Louisa, married Lottie HILL, 26, Canada, Grey twp., d/o John & Eliza, witn: Edward HILL of Brussels & Rebecca RIVERS of Sombra, 17? Aug 1897 at Grey twp
006879-97 (Huron co): Frederick ROBERTSON, 25, farmer, Goderich Twp, Ashfield, s/o Charles ROBERTSON & Mary A. DURNIN married Elizabeth Ada McPHEE, 24, Canada, Ashfield, d/o Hugh McPHEE & Elizabeth DUFFIE. Wit: Hugh McPHEE and Mary NOBLE, both of Ashfield. October 20, 1897 at Ashfield 7312-97 Peter ROBINSON, 30, yeoman, East Wawanosh, same, s/o Edward ROBINSON & Agnes MASON, married Elizabeth McGILL, 30, East Wawanosh, same, d/o James McGILL & Susan GOURLEY, witn: James McGILL Jr. & Helena ROBINSON, both of East Wawanosh, 10 March 1897 at res of bride's parents, Lot 39, con 5 of East Wawanosh
7022-97 (Huron Co): William ROBINSON, 29, farmer, Michigan USA, same, s/o George & Sarah, married Mary WHITFIELD, 30, Cartwright twp., Grey twp., d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Levi WHITFIELD & Maggie PATTERSON, both of Grey twp., 14 April 1897 at Grey twp #007233-97 (Huron Co): Donald M. ROSS, 30, carpenter, of Tuckersmith, s/o Alexander ROSS & Margaret McMILLAN, married Dora M. REINKE, 20, of Tuckersmith, d/o John REINKE & Dora PEAL, witn: William J. ROSS & Minnie REINKE, 29 Dec 1897 at Tuckersmith
6938-97 (Huron Co): Henry ROUTLEDGE, 21, laborer, Clinton, same, s/o Edward ROUTLEDGE & Eliza WEBB, married Charlotte M. GINN, 21, Hullett twp., Clinton, d/o Andrew GINN & Susannah LEE, witn: John STEPHENSON & W.A. MILLYARD, both of Clinton, 25 Aug 1897 at Clinton 7045-97 Edward Grant RYCKMAN, 23, farmer, Usborne twp., same, s/o Philip & Susan, married Edith WORKMAN, 21, Usborne twp., Tuckersmith twp., d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: William J. RYCKMAN of Hibbert twp & Ella RICHARDSON of Hay twp., 27 July 1897 at Hensall
7257-97 William A. SAMBROOK, 24, barber, England, Belmont - Middlesex, s/o William A. SAMBROOK & Martha M. PALMER, married Florence J. I. MILLS, 20, Usborne, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Alonzo & Mary MILLS of Woodham, 15 June 1897 at Woodham, Usborne #006966-97 (Huron Co): Walter W. SAULTS, 28, wine merchant, Goderich, same, s/o W. SAULTS & M. SWALLOW, married Sarah MARTIN, 28, Goderich, same, d/o Henry MARTIN & M. STAFFORD, witn: A.C. SAULTS of Stratford & Minnie PRIDHAM of Goderich, 24 Feb 1897 at Goderich
#007232-97 (Huron Co): Robert SCARLETT, 33, farmer, of McKillop, s/o Samuel SCARLETT & Mary THOMPSON, married Janet MULDREW, 28, of Egmondville, d/o John MULDREW & Marion SMITH, witn: D. JOHNSTON & Marion MULDREW, 22 Dec 1897 at Tuckersmith 007190-97 (Huron Co): John Henry SCOTCHMER, 27, carpenter, Stanley, same, s/o Alfred SCOTCHMER & Ellen WATSON married Alma GALSTER, 18, Michigan, Stanley, d/o August GALSTER & Alma TIFFIN. Wit: James ALLAN of Hay and Margaret SCOTCHMER of Stanley. November 23, 1897 at Varna
6921-97 (Huron Co): John William SHAW, 35, doctor, Huron Co., Clinton, s/o John SHAW & Eliza McKNIGHT, married Harriet Frances RANCE, 29, Clinton, same, d/o Samuel RANCE & Harriet RATTENBURY, witn: C. McKAY of Seaforth & Dolly SHAW of Teeswater, 6 Jan 1897 at Clinton 7295-97 William George SHERWOOD, 24, farmer, Canada, Ashfield twp., s/o Patrick & Eliza, married Margaret J. JARVIS, 19, Canada, West Wawanosh, d/o Edwin & Eliza, witn: Samuel SHERWOOD of Ashfield & Eliza JARVIS of W. Wawanosh, 16 March 1897 at St. Helens
7224-97 John SIMPSON, 26, farmer, Tuckersmith, Egmondville, s/o Hugh SIMPSON & Jane HAYS, married Maria BROADFOOT, 20, Tuckersmith, same, d/o James BROADFOOT & Maria ETHERINGTON, witn: Hugh SIMPSON of Egmondville & Mary BROADFOOT of Tuckersmith, 10 March 1897 at Tuckersmith 006986-97 (Huron Co): William Linton SKELTON, 51, widower, insurance agent, U.S., Atlanta GA, s/o E.L. & Melinda SKELTON married Isabel Ann PROUDFOOT, 41, Goderich, Atlanta GA, d/o Robert & Margaret PROUDFOOT. Wit: William PROUDFOOT and M.F. PROUDFOOT, both of Goderich. December 27, 1897 at Goderich
7254-97 Thomas SLAVIN, 25, mason, Ireland, Usborne twp., s/o William SLAVIN & Eliza STEWART, married Selma FULTON, 21, Hibbert twp., same, d/o John FULTON & Jane CRAWFORD, witn: W. J. ASHTON & Mrs. G. JEWITT, both of Usborne twp., 17 Feb 1897 at Elimville, Usborne twp 6939-97 (Huron Co): John SLEEP, 22, teamster, Clinton, same, s/o William SLEEP & Caroline POOLE, married Lottie FLEMING, 21, Goderich twp., Clinton, d/o Thomas FLEMING & Margaret PERDUE, witn: M.E. & W.A. MILLYARD of Clinton, 1 Sept 1897 at Clinton
6928-97 (Huron Co): Benjamin Franklin SMALL, 47, widower, blacksmith, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, s/o Richard SMALL & Catherine JONES, married Susan PUGSLEY, 47, Saltfleet twp., Clinton, d/o John PUGSLEY & Frances JONES, witn: Jos. ALANSON & Sarah HAUSER (or Hansen), both of Clinton, 24 March 1897 at Clinton #007249-97 (Huron Co): Joseph Clipham SMITH, 30, farmer, England, Ellice twp., s/o John SMITH & Elizabeth DICKSON, married Mary Ann POPE, 28, Turnberry twp., same, d/o Thomas POPE & Jessie CLARK, witn: Jennie C. POPE of Turnberry twp & Charles C. SMITH of Downie twp., 21 Oct 1897 at Turnberry
007165-97 (Huron Co) Robt Edgar SMITH, 29, blacksmith, Ontario, Beaverton, s/o Catherine & Robert SMITH, married Annie BUCKLER, 25, Ontario, Beaverton, d/o Betsy & Richard BUCKLER, witn: Albert SPENCER & Jessie BUCKLER, both of Tuckersmith, 2 Feb 1897 at Seaforth 7264-97 William SNELL, 34, laborer, Exeter, Hensall, s/o Thomas SNELL & Elizabeth SHIER, married Susannah CORNISH, 30, Usborne, same, d/o George CORNISH & Mary J. PARISH, witn: Sarah J. CORNISH of Thames Road & John NIXON of Blanchard, 29 Dec 1897 at Thames Road, Usborne
6932-97 (Huron Co): William Patterson SPALDING, 31, organ tuner, Hawick Scotland, Clinton, s/o John SPALDING & Catherine MICHIE, married Helen FAIR, 27, Clinton, same, d/o James FAIR & Helen McLEOD, witn: Archibald SPALDING of St. Catharines & Janet Dickson FAIR of Clinton, 16 June 1897 at Clinton 7263-97 Joseph SPEARE, 26, farmer, Hibbert, same, s/o William SPEARE & Annie BAKER, married Lura Grace DINNEN, 22, Mitchell, Usborne twp., d/o William DINNEN & Grace HOSKIN, witn: Marion J. SPEARE of Hibbert & Ernst J. DINNEN of Lumley, 15 Dec 1897 at Lumley, Usborne
7293-97 Robert STAPLETON, 23, farmer, England, Turnberry, s/o Robert STAPLETON & Elizabeth BOLT, married Agnes WILSON, 24, East Wawanosh, same, d/o James WILSON & Ellen ENGLES, witn: William & Margaret WILSON of E. Wawanosh, 30 Dec 1897 at Wingham 7045-97 (Huron Co): Loftus Theo STARK, 29, tailor, Canada, Seaforth, s/o Samuel STARK & Margaret DOBIE, married Bella A. SMITH, 24, Canada, Grey twp., d/o Marsden SMITH & Martha SPARLING, witn: Edward LATIMORE of Seaforth & Gussie SMITH of Brussels, 29 Dec 1897 at Grey twp.
#007228-97 (Huron Co): David Henry STEWART, 22, engineer, Ontario, Seaforth, s/o Henry STEWART & Mary Jane WATSON, married Margaret JORDAN, 22, Goderich, Seaforth, d/o Peter JORDAN & Mary JARDINE, witn: John STEWART & Mary JORDAN, both of Seaforth, 28 June 1897 at Egmondville 7300-97 George STOTHERS, 33, widower, builder, Ashfield twp., same, s/o John & Rachel, married Rose Anna TRELEAVEN, 31, Ashfield twp., Dungannon, d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: Albert E. TRELEAVEN of Dungannon & Kate TRELEAVEN of Brantford, 1 July 1897 at Dungannon
6909-87 David Arthur STRAITON (Stratton?), 22, cabinet maker, Clinton, Goderich, s/o Alex & Annie, married Emma HALL, 23, Goderich, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Annie ELLIOTT & Harriet FRAZER, both of Bayfield, 18 May 1897 at Bayfield #007234-97 (Huron Co): James STRONG, 22, farmer, of McKillop, s/o George STRONG & Eliza McCULLOUGH, married Mary FERGUSON, 20, of Tuckersmith, d/o David FERGUSON & Christena McFADYEN, witn: John FERGUSON & Nettie GARDINER, 15 Sept 1897 at Tuckersmith
7041-97 (Huron Co): John TAYLOR, 59, widower, farmer, Derry Co. Ireland, Exeter, s/o John & Mary, married Melinda CLARK, 23, Stanley twp., Hensall, d/o David CLARK & Elizabeth TROYER, witn: David & Elizabeth CLARK of Hensall, 23 June 1897 at Hensall 007173-97 (Huron Co) Estras Carter THOMPSON, 64, agent, St. Catharines, Seaforth, widower, s/o Maria ADY & John THOMPSON, married Agnes ABBOTT, 43, Scotland, Goderich, widow, d/o Agnes ROBINSON & Robert HISLOP, witn: S.H. & L.A.G. CUNNINGHAM, both of Seaforth, 19 May 1897 at Seaforth, (S. Army)
006882-97 (Huron Co): James THOMPSON, 28, farmer, Ashfield, Belfast Ashfield, s/o James & Catherine THOMPSON married Susan ANDERSON, 27, dressmaker, Huron Twp Bruce Co., Belfast Ashfield, d/o Samuel & Jane ANDERSON. Wit: William BOWLES and Hannah THOMPSON, both of Ashfield. December 15, 1897 at Ashfield 7040-97 (Huron Co): George E. THOMSON, 28, farmer, Kippen, same, s/o Samuel THOMSON & Elizabeth MOIR, married Ida DIGNAN, 21, Hensall, same, d/o Warren? DIGNAN & Mary A. RIFE, witn: Edward DIGNAN of Hensall & Agnes HOWSON of Kippen, 28 April 1897 at Hensall
6912-97 Hugh THURLOW, 30, farmer, Colborne twp., same, s/o John & Harriet, married Agnes STERLING, 27, Goderich twp., Colborne twp., d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: James HARRISON of Goderich twp & William CHISHOLM of Colborne, 16 June 1897 at Colborne twp 7044-97 (Huron Co): John Alexander TREMEER, 30, farmer, Usborne twp., Tuckersmith twp., s/o Alexander TREMEER & Ann WILSON, married Mary Ella PYBUS, 21, Usborne twp., Tuckersmith twp., d/o John PYBUS & Mary Jane ALLEN, witn: Louisa NEELANDS & Euphemia DURSTIN?, both of Hensall, 30 June 1897 at Hensall
#007230-97 (Huron Co): Franklin UPSHALL, 26, farmer, Ontario, Tuckersmith, s/o Joseph UPSHALL & Eliza MOORE, married Jessie J. COOPER, 24, Ontario, Tuckersmith, d/o James COOPER & Margaret DOIG, witn: William MOORE of Hensall & Isabella COOPER of Tuckersmith, 22 Dec 1897 at Tuckersmith 6927-97 (Huron Co): William L. WADE, 30, farmer, Ontario, South Dakota, s/o William WADE & Ruth BURNS, married Eugenie E. W. WALKER, 29, Clinton, same, d/o Henry R. WALKER & Maria J. PHILLIPS, witn: J.M. FORD of Mitchell & Nellie WALKER of Detroit, 10 March 1897 at Clinton
  7289-97 John W. WALKER, 57, widower, farmer, Ontario, Turnberry, s/o Stephen WALKER & Mary FISHER, married Rosetta WINER, 33, widow, Ontario, Wingham, d/o John GUYSELL & Chris. McLENNAN, witn: Eli & Mary A. ELLIOTT of Turnberry, 30 Sept 1897 at Wingham
7296-97 John? Henry WEBSTER, 27, farmer, Holmesville, West Wawanosh, s/o Daniel & Eliza, married Eliz. Alberta EDWARDS, 17, West Wawanosh, same, d/o James EDWARDS & Margaret IRWIN, witn: William IRWIN of Bufort? & Lavina HOUGHTON of Dungannon, 24 March 1897 at West Wawanosh 7287-97 Valentine WENZEL, 20, chair maker, Canada, Wingham, s/o Henry & Annie, married Anna May PARK, 23, Canada, Wingham, d/o Halsey & Alice, witn: Louis WENZEL of Listowel & Emma BECK of Harriston, 14 Sept 1897 at Wingham
007134-98 (Huron Co) Richard WESTBOOK, 24, farmer, London Middlesex, Ashfield, s/o Richard & Julia WESTBROOK married Isabella SAUNBY, 23, Ashfield, same , d/o Burton & Isabella SAUNBY. Wit Lennard WESTBROOK and Frank SAUNBY, both of Ashfield. December 29, 1897 at Ashfield. #006975-97 (Huron Co): William Paul WESTOBY, 30, miller, England, Blyth, s/o Fred WESTOBY & Annie FICKISS?, married Matilda Ann COX, 27, Goderich twp., Goderich, d/o Samuel COX & Catherine McLEAN, witn: George M. COX of Tilsonburg & C.H. FRISE of Peterborough, 23 June 1897 at Goderich
006957-97 (Huron Co): Fred H. WILDFONG, 22, laborer, Shakespeare, Dashwood, s/o Fred & Elizabeth WILDFONG married Lavina D. HOPPER, 21, Hensall, Dashwood, d/o Fred & Elizabeth HOPPER. Wit: David SPICER and Amelia WILLOUGHBY, both of Exeter. May 25, 1897 at Exeter 6935-07 (Huron Co): Edward Laird WILLIAMSON, 26, clerk, Cavan twp., Toronto, s/o Thomas WILLIAMSON & Margaret MATCHET, married Annie Mabel LAVAN?, 24, Clinton, same, d/o Thomas Lewis LAVAN & Margaret Ann STEWART, witn Fred Burnett LAVAN of Clinton & Mabel Teresa WHITWORTH of St. Marys, 28 July 1897 at Clinton
7302-97 James A. WILSON, 27, farmer, Goderich twp., Goderich, s/o David & Mary, married Lottie HILLOCK, 22, Goderich twp., Goderich, d/o Francis & Eliza, witn: William PARKER & Lovenia HILLCOCK, both of Goderich twp, 10 Nov 1897 at West Wawanosh #006969-97 (Huron Co): Augustine B. WYATT, 24, laborer, Goderich, same, s/o Thomas WYATT & E. SWAFFIELD, married Sarah CULBERT, 19, Wingham, Goderich, d/o George CULBERT & Emma JEWELL, witn: Chris JOHNSTON & Emma CULBERT, both of Goderich, 19 May 1897 at Goderich
7301-97 Charles YOUNG, 36, farmer, Hibbert twp., same, s/o John & Harriet, married Mary Margaret C. YOUNG, 27, West Wawanosh, same, d/o Mathew & Margaret, witn: Samuel YOUNG of Dungannon & Hannah YOUNG of W. Wawanosh, 18 Oct 1897 at Con 3 of West Wawanosh twp 007177-97 (Huron Co) James Henry YOUNG, 25, tanner, Ontario, Egmondvilla, s/o Elizabeth WESTCOTT & John YOUNG, married Mary JORDAN, 21, Ontario, Seaforth, d/o Mary JARDINE & Peter JORDAN, witn: John STEWART & Edith BARNETT, both of Seaforth, 19 Aug 1897 at Seaforth
007088-97 (Huron Co): Johannes YOUNGBLUT, 28, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o Jacob YOUNGBLUT & Julianne VITTAUFFER married Katherine DOERR, 22, Wawanosh, East Zorra, d/o Johannes DOERR & Elizabeth CLAUSIUS. Wit: Henry DOERR of Wawanosh and Emma E. YOUNGBLUT of East Zorra. June 29, 1897 at Auburn