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French Fontaine  
This information was provided to me by William Ballard Fontaine. He is the ancestor that is living on the original land grant made in 1663 to Nicholas Fontaine by Lord Baltimore, in Somerset Co., Maryland. Bill doesn't remember which researcher provided him with this information but I am passing it on to all you Fountaine/Fountain/Fontaine cousins.

This family of the Nobility of France originated in Bourgoyne, coming into distinction and prominence about the year 1091. The first to be recorded on the annals of France was:
1. Jean de Fontaine chevalier Banneret, who was "signed with the Cross," and joined the crusade to Jerusalem on July 15, 1099 under Godfred de Boierllon "to restore de la Terre Saints," - the land of the Saints.

On returning to Burgoyne, he "espoused in the year 1109 a Demoiselle by the name of Beaumont" who was the daughter of Robert de Beaumont," lst Earl of Leicester who married Isabel, daughter of Hugh, Earl of Vermandoise.

They had three children, their son 2. Etienne de Fontaine married 1139 Madamoiselle Dus.

Their son 3. Pierre de Fontaine "Established Picardie" and married in 1170 Demoiselle Danette.

Their son 4. Pierre de Fontaine II was living in the time of Louis, King of France, 1260, and according to the histories of that period, served the King in the year 1297. No name of his wife was recorded but, their son...

5. Jean de Fontaine is recorded as his son and was living in the year 1267, having married in the year 1263, the name of his wife not given, their son...

6. Joseph de Fontaine about 1305, married one of the daughter of le Memorie. Their son....

7. Luc de Fontaine is recorded as married in the year 1359. No name is given of the wife, but their son...

8. Charles de Fontaine was married in 1390, have "4 enfants", One son.

9. (no given name) de Fontaine was married in the year 1432, having a son...

10. Jean de Fontaine Who was Seigneur des Fontaines. He was serving under the Duc'Orleans in 1472 as Captain de Cresby in Balois, and died in 1497. Jean de Fontaine married Jeanne de la Remonde, and had six children, one son.

11. Pierre de Fontaine was Seigneur des Fontaines de Berthinval, Captain de Crespy, and Grand chamberlain of France, 1437 to 1479. They had six children, one son, Nicholas dying on Oct. 8, 1515. Their eldest son

12. Jean de Fontaine was Seigneur des Fontaines, d'Orgnon fr Brtyhinval, and Captain de Crespy. He died in 1584 having married Nicole, daughter of Jean d'Argillieres, contract dated on November 25, 1519. They had six sons, Artus, who follows, Guilliame, Chevalier de Malte, in 1550, Francoias, Abbe de St. Acchenl, Nicholas, Chevalier de Malte, Philippes, George a "religuer". Their eldest son...

13. Artus de la Fontaine Baron d'Oignon, Seigneurdes Fontaines and de Berthinval, Captaine de Crespy and Du Pont, Chevalier de la Qualite of the Ordre of the King's Lieut. Genl. in the Isle of France: Ambassador a "Vienne: "de grand maitre des Ceremonier for Henry II., Francois I., Charles IX., and Henry III., Kings of France, 1515 to 1589. He married Catherine de Lions, daughter of Nicholas de Lions, Seigneur d'Efpaulx, the marriage contract passed at Paris December 2, 1558. They had three sons, the younges being Nicholas, born in 1567, and died in France in 1629.

14. Francois de la Fontaine Seigneur des Fontaines and de Berthinval. Gouverneur de Crespy and duPont. Gentlemen of the Chambre du Roi. He was born on September 29, 1566 and died on January 30, 1632. On October 3, 1593 he married Charlotte de Soyecourt, Dame de Verton de Hallencourt, who died on December 10, 1607. They had five children, the younger son being...

15. Nicholas de la Fontaine who was Seigneur de Verton, Seigneur d'Hallencourt and de la Motte Verlenton. On April 1, 1597, he renounced the succession of his father and mother. "Deperte de la Noblesse of Comte de Panthieu for the estates convening at Orleans in 1649. He died in 1662, having married Catherine daughter of Michael de Abberville on December 15, 1626. She died in 1642. Their children:

Francois de la Fontaine, Count de Verton Phillippes, a Religious of Benedictine Monks - died in 1690

Antoine, Seigneur de Gesincourt, died in 1691

Charles, Seigneur de Gouy, who died in 1691 Elizabeth, who died in 1695 Catherine, no record Nicholas de la Fontaine, who came to America in 1661, obtained a land grant in Maryland in 1663.


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