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Lineage: Lydia3, John2, Norman

  KENNEDY, 1829-1885 Related Families:  Chadwick | Allen | Stokes

Migration: Ireland/Scotland>Canada>Jefferson Co., NY


        (2)  John Kennedy, according to a Jefferson County, New York, history volume, was born 1829 in northern Scotland [actually Ireland], emigrated to Canada with his uncle, then to New York in 1861, settling in the town of Henderson, Jefferson County.  While he was living in Canada, he met and married Caroline Chadwick, daughter of Allen Chadwick and Amanda Allen.  According to family tradition, Caroline's parents were Irish Orangemen (Protestants) who had immigrated to Canada, but this tradition probably relates to John's family, since Caroline's parents were New Yorkers.
        In the 1851 census of Ernesttown Township, Addington County, Ontario, John and Caroline were living on Concession 6 Lot 40, and both of them were listed as being 26 years of age, calculating to birth years of 1825 (which conflict with all subsequent records of this couple). Enumerated that year with them were children Allen and Emily.
       In the 1880 census of the town of Henderson, Jefferson County, New York, John and Caroline were enumerated in dwelling number 93.  John reported his age as 50, occupation laborer, birthplace as Ireland and parents birthplace Ireland.  Caroline reported her age as 51 -- establishing her birth around 1829, her occupation "keeping house," birthplace as Canada, and parents' birthplaces both in New York.
        John and Caroline's stories are confirmed by the report of their son Allen Kennedy, living two houses away in dwelling number 91 that same year.  Allen reported his birthplace as Canada, father's birthplace as Ireland, and mother's birthplace as Canada.
       John died 20 September 1885, age 57 years, according to his tombstone, but his death record, on file with the Henderson Town Clerk, reads 1884.  The record also indicates that his father was named Norman 'Kenneday'.
        Caroline died 4 January 1901, age 73 years and her death certificate, filed in the Town of Adams Clerk's Office, indicates that she was born in Canada, a daughter of Allen Chadwick and Abigail Allen (probably the reporting relative's mistake for 'Amanda').
        John and Caroline are both buried together in Evergreen Cemetery, Henderson.


  1. Allen, born about 1851, a laborer, according to the 1880 census of Henderson, died December 1893 of heart failure; married Ellen J. Haythrope, housekeeper, born about 1855 in Canada to an English father and an Irish mother.  Parents of:
    1. John L., born about 1873 in New York
    2. Eugene Allen, born about 1876 in New York.
    3. Mearl, a.k.a. "Merle" or "Merlie," their daughter, born July 1879 in New York; married Elbridge J, Stadler, son of Adolph Stadler of Pamelia.
  2. Emily "Emma", born about 1852 in Ontario, Canada; married Rozell Streeter, according to the 1880 census of Belleville, Town of Ellisburgh, in which she reported herself as 28 years old, born in Ontario to a father born in Ireland and mother born in Ontario.  He reported himself as a carpenter, age 31, born in New York to parents from New York. Parents of:
    1. Anna "Annie" Streeter, born about 1871, (below); married Mr. Zimmerman.
    2. Coly, a son, born about 1874.
  3. Lydia A., (at right, and below), born 12 July 1856 in Canada according to her obituary, funeral held 28 February 1936 at her daughter Ada Washburn's Home in Hounsfield at 2pm, offciated by Rev. Scott of Black River, and assisted by Rev. Morey of Sackets Harbor, buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Sackets Harbor; married at her parents home in the Town of Henderson, John L. Stokes, died 1931, whom she outlived.
  4. Nell (actual name Helen or Ellen?), she appears in numerous family photos but no details are known about her. "Nell" may have been a nickname for Linna (a.k.a. "Linnie") Kennedy who married Eugene Babcock, at whose home in Adams Center was held the annual Kennedy Family Reunion in 1917.
  5. May E., born about 1865, a dressmaker, never married, died 8 March 1933 age 68 at Henry Keep Home, Watertown, Jefferson Co., New York.  Her funeral was held Friday at 10:30 a.m. from the Henry Keep Home, Rev. Walter C. Middleton, rector of Trinity Episcopal church, officiating.  Interment at the Henry Keep Home.

The Kennedy Siblings

        Although this picture is unlabeled, the two women in front and the woman at right in rear can be identified as sisters based on other labeled photos; and since John & Caroline Kennedy had four daughters and one son,this is likely then a picture of all the Kennedy children, as follows:

Rear: Emily, Allen, Lydia
Front: Nell, May

May Kennedy

Lydia & Nell

Annie (Streeter) Zimmerman


Kennedy Family Reunion, 1917
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Babcock Home, Adams Centre

The article at left was published in the August 17th, 1917 issue of the Watertown Daily Times newspaper. It describes that year's eunion of the descendants of John Kennedy and Caroline Chadwick. The reunion occurred at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene and Linnie (Kennedy) Babock.

The photographs below depict a family reunion of Kennedy relatives. The age of the photographs fits the period in which the reunion described in the article occurred.

Positive identification of the house and the attendants would support the notion that these photos depict the reunion described in the article; nevertheless, whatever year the photos were taken, they likely depict a reunion much like the one described in the article.


Kennedy family members; all are undentified.


Nell Kennedy (at far left) and other unnamed relatives.




Woman in black at far right is "Nell" Kennedy, daughter of John Kennedy and Caroline Chadwick, formerly of Ernesttown, Lenox & Addington Co., Ontario, Canada; second woman from right is Nell's sister Lydia A. (Kennedy) Stokes; woman fifth from right is Lydia's daughter Ada Mae (Stokes) Washburn; the rest of these woman are unidentified.



Nell Kennedy (second from left), with family (close-up below), presumably at the Babcock home in Adams Centre.



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