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  AVERY, c.1550-1925
Related Families:  Stephens | Greenslade | Cheseborough | Yoemans
Everett | Ford | Becker | Jenkins

Migration: Devonshire, ENG>Gloucester, MA>Boston, MA>New London, CT>Groton, CT>Lyme, CT>Sharon, CT>
Schenectady Co., NY>Montgomery Co., NY>Oswego Co., NY

        (1) Christopher Avery, born about 1550 in Totares, Devonshire, England, died in April 1613 in England; married Johanna. Parents of:

        (2) Christopher Avery, born about 1590 in Totares, Devonshire, England, died 12 March 1679 in New London, Connecticut; married Margery, daughter of Edward Stephens and his wife Margaret. In the late 1800's, the property he first bought in Boston, Massachusetts, was covered by the old post office building.  Today it lies in Quincy Market, some of the most expensive and sought after real estate in the city. Parents of:

Capt. James Avery memorial bust, Groton, Connecticut


        (3) Capt. James Avery, only son of Christopher the emigrant, born in England in 1620, died 18 April 1700; married 10 November 1643, in Boston, Joanna Greenslade, born about 1622, was living in 1693.  James built a home in Groton, New London County, Connecticut, in 1656 which was continuously occupied by his descendants until it burned down on the night of 20 July 1894. A memorial stands on the old home site as do the original cornerstones, well, and chimney supports.
The "Hive" of the Averys, was built in 1656 by Capt. James Avery on Poquonock Plain, now Groton, Connecticut.  When the family grew large enough for an addition to be needed, James purchased the old church used by Rev. Thomas Hooker, dismantled it, and incorporated its timbers into the structure of the house.  When the house burned down in 1894, millionaire John D. Rockefeller, a descendant of James, placed a bronze plaque on the old home site as a memorial which still stands today.

Children, (first three born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, remainder in New London, Connecticut):

  1. Hannah, born 12 October 1644; married Ephraim Miner
  2. James, Jr., born 16 December 1646, died 22 August 1748
  3. Mary, born February 19, 1648, died 2 February 1708
  4. Thomas, born 6 May 1651, died 5 January 1658
  5. John, mentioned below
  6. Rebecca, born 6 October 1656; married William Potts
  7. Jonathan, born 5 January 1658, buried 15 September 1681
  8. Christopher, born 30 April 1661, died 8 Decmber 1683
  9. Samuel, born 14 August 1664, died 1 May 1723


        (4) John Avery, born 10 February 1654. He married Abigail Cheseborough, 29 November 1675. The marriage was recorded at both Stonington and New London, Connecticut.  On 7 July 1691, John and Abigail Avery, of New London, sold land to Daniel Shaw. (See Stonington Book of Deeds, Vol. 1, p161).
        At the General Court in Hartford, 12 May 1692, it was recorded:

“This Court doe not see reason to confirm those nominated for officers on the east side of the riuer at New London at present, but doe appoynt Captain James Auery to be Captn of sayd Company, and James Morgan Lnt, and John Auery to be Ensign of sayd company untill the honoured Major Generall and Mr. Witherell shall see cause to lead them to a new choys of officers.” (See colonial Records of Connecticut for 1692, p74).
The record of the General Court for May 11 of the following year, has this:
“Thomas Auery is approued to be Captn of the traine band of New London on the east side of the riuer, and John Morgan Lnt, and John Auery, Ensigne, of sayd Company and are to be commissionated accordingly."
        From a similar record of the General court, 13 May 1697, we learn that, “John Auery [was] appointed Captain of the train band at New London on the east side of the river.” His name appears with this title in the patent for New London, granted by the General Court, 14 October 1704. In 1700, he became one of the original proprietors of New Lebanon, and, on 10 May 1705, the General Court confirmed him and his associates in the possession of lands in that town. He is known to have held lands in Preston, Connecticut, in 1706.
        In 1707, Capt. John Avery and John Avery, Jr., were inhabitants of Groton. On 11 May 1709, John Avery and Abigail, his wife, sold land in Stonington to John Benit. (Stonington Book of Deeds, Vol. 1, p436.) The land had formerly belonged to Samuel Cheseborough, father of Abigail. In 1710, Captain John Avery bought land from John Plume for twenty-eight pounds in Preston Farms, and also from John Morgan for eight pounds in hand and eleven pounds well secured. (See Preston Town Records.)
        In the list of “Inhabitants of Groton in 1712,” are found the names of Captain John Avery and John Avery, Jr. In the list of the early members of the First Congregational Church of Groton, is found the name of Captain John Avery. On 5 January 1713/1714, Abigail Cheeseborough, relicit of Samuel Cheseborough, and then Abigail Avery, made deposition that Samuel Cheseborough, deceased, did intend to give certain land “to my daughter, Abigail Cheseboro, now Abigail Avery.” This is the last record found concerning John and Abigail Avery.


  1. Abigail, born 15 January 1675/1676, died 18 July 1677
  2. Abigail, born 18 January 1679, died 10 November 1722; married J. Packer
  3. Mary, baptized 14 November 1680, died 1762; married William Denison, 1698
  4. John, baptized 1 April 1683, date of death unknown
  5. Benjamin, born 1686, died 3 December 1762, aged 76
  6. William, born about 1687, judging from his marriage, date of death unknown
  7. Elizabeth, born 27 October 1690; no further record available
  8. Anna, born 1692, judging from date of marriage; married William Satterlee
  9. Elisha, born 1694, a twin, baptized 2 May 1697, died 1726
  10. Desire, born 1694, a twin, baptized 2 May 1697; no futher record available
  11. Josiah, born 1697, judging from his marriage, 1719
  12. Daniel, born 5 November 1699; no further record available
  13. Nathaniel, mentioned below
  14. Thomas, born about 1703


        (5) Nathaniel Avery, was baptized 19 June 1692 at the First Church of New London, Connecticut.  He probably married before 1721, Rachel Yoemans, daughter of Edward and Mary Yoemans.  David Avery, a noted historian on the family, wrote that Nathaniel Avery married Desire Yoemans and moved to Walnut Hill, Lyme, Connecticut.  On 26 September 1721, Edward Yoemans, in a deed, mentioned his loving son-in-law, Nathaniel Avery.  Nathaniel, in a deed dated 3 December 1724, spoke of land that he had bought of his father-in-law, Edward Yoemans, late of Groton, New London Co., Connecticut (Groton Deeds, 2:280).  Edward Yoemans, late of Groton, called himself of Grinage (Greenwich), Fairfield Co., Connecticut, and, in 1725, spoke of himself as then living in Elizabeth, Essex Co., Province of East Jersey.  These and other deeds make it plain that the last name of Nathaniel Avery's first wife was Yoemans.  David Avery said the first name was Desire, but the birth of Nathaniel's son, Elisha, is recorded at Lyme Connecticut, as the son of Nathaniel and Rachel Avery.  Edward and Mary Yoemans had a daughter, Rachel, baptized in the First Church of Stonington, New London County, Connecticut, on 31 July 1692.  Although Nathaniel had a daughter, Desire, the most careful researh fails to show that Edward Yoemans had a daughter of that name.  For once it seems, David Avery was mistaken, and that Nathaniel Avery married Rachel Yoemans.
        Although Nathaniel's baptism took place well after his brother William's birth, there is evidence to suggest that, in fact, Nathaniel was the older of the two.  Nathaniel Avery was a freeman of Groton in 1712, hence at least 21 year sold.  Several times, John Avery, the father, deeded land to his dutiful sons, Nathaniel, William, and Elisha, invariably mentioning them in that order (Groton Deeds, 1:329).  On 17 April 1724, Capt. John Avery of Groton, "out of love," deeded to his dutiful son, Nathaniel Avery of Groton, "my dwelling house and land," 30 acres bounded "on the west side with the land of my brother Capt. James Avery," north by Nehemiah Smith's land, easterly by the common, westerly by Poquonock lane.
         On 6 March 1726/1727, Nathaniel Avery deeded land that he had from his father, Capt. John Avery, to Lawrence Stagors, except the part he had already sold to his brother, John Avery (Groton Deeds, 2:90, 379).  On 1 April 1746, Nathaniel Avery deeded to his eldest son, Nathaniel, "he being of lawful age," forty acres of land on Walnut Hill.  On 20 December 1747, William Avery, son of Nathaniel Avery, bought land of Henry Rowland, so he must have been, at that time, at least 21 years of age.  Nathaniel called himself "of Groton" in deeds from 1716, 1721 and 1726.  He was, however, living in Lyme in 1736, when on 10 April he bought land from Moses Huntley.  In 1737, he bought 70 acres on Walnut Hill; in 1745, he bought from Joshua Bill, of South Kingston, 50 more acres on Walnut Hill, and still more from Thomas Lord in 1750 (Lyme Deeds, 6:34, 369 & 8:180, 535 & 12:169).
        Nathaniel Avery's will was made 1 July 1769 and proved 28 June 1770.  In it he mentioned wife, Abigail, son William, deceased, Nathaniel, "late of Lyme," daughter Desire Whitney, wife og John Whitney, granddaughter Abigail, wife of Joseph Sweet, granddaughters Abigail and Hannah (daughters of his daughter Mary Huntley, deceased), grandson, Amos (son of his daughter Mary Merriot, deceased)  (New London Wills, J:94).
        The children of Nathaniel Avery were born in several places; some of their names were obtained only from the settlement of their father's estate, so birth order cannot be established (males were listed first in the will), therefore the children of Rachel Yoemans cannot be designated with any certainty.  William bought land in 1747, as already stated, meaning his birth would have taken place sometime bewteen about 1721, the time of Nathaniel's first marriage, and 1726, in order for him to be of legal age to participate in a land transaction in 1747.  The daughter, Mary, was born in 1729 and Mary was the name of Rachel Yoeman's mother.  It was common practice to name first born children after parents, thus it is likely that Rachel was married to William at least until 1729, making it most probable that Rachel was the mother of William.

  1. Nathaniel, birth unknown, died 1756
  2. William, mentioned below
  3. Elisha, born 16 November 1726 at Lyme, Connecticut, died 1750
  4. Mary, baptized 4 May 1729 at First Church of Groton, Connecticut; married Mr. Huntley
  5. Andrew, baptised 16 April 1732 at First Church of Groton, Connecticut
  6. Amos, birth unknown
  7. Desire, birth unknown; married John Whitney
  8. Ann or Amy (Amie); married a Mr. Harriot
  9. Abigail, birth unknown


        (6) William Avery, birth unknown; married, about 1750, place supposed to be Lyme, Connecticut, but probably Groton, died after 16 July 1761 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut; married by 1756, Mary, birth and parentage unknown, died after 1790.
        In his will, made 16 July 1761, he called himself "of Lyme" and mentioned wife Mary, sons John, William, Daniel, Silvanus, daughters Betsey, Temperance and Anne (Lyme Deeds, 16:423-5).
        On 15 January 1781, Daniel Avery of Sharon deeded to his brother, Silvanus Avery, land that he had of their honored father, William Avery, deceased (Lyme Deeds, 16:300). On 6 July 1790, Silvanus Avery, John Moor, Jr., and Temperance Moor, his wife, heirs to the estate of William Avery late of Lyme, quitclaimed certain lands to Mary Dailey, of Lyme, widow of William Avery and their honored mother (Lyme Deeds, 16:423-5). Parents of:

  1. William, mentioned below
  2. John
  3. Daniel
  4. Silvanus; married on 6 Jun 1782 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut, Mary Luther.
  5. Betsy
  6. Temperance; married on 2 Apr 1772 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut, John Moor, Jr.
  7. Anne (or Amy)


        (7) William Avery, born 1751, presumably at Groton, Connecticut.  Sometime during his youth, he moved across the state to Litchfield County and settled in Sharon, Connecticut, where on 8 May 1772 he married Lucy Everett, born 1 May 1750 in Sharon. In June 1776, William Avery enlisted as sergeant in Capt. Edward Roger's company from Cornwall, Connecticut, second battalion, Col. Gray's regiment, Wadsworth's brigade. The company was raised in June to reinforce Gen. George Washington at New York.  William served on the Brooklyn front just before and during the Battle of Long Island on 27 August 1776 and in retreat 29 August 1776.  He was with the main army under Washington's command at White Plains.  His time of service expired 25 December 1776.
       In the latter part of the century, William and Lucy removed to Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., New York. Here there must have been quite a settlement of Avery's in Schenectady and Schoharie County.  William was no doubt buried in or near Duanesburg.  After his death, the family scattered.


  1. Anna, born 21 July 1771 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut; married Stephen Smith, Chatham, New York.
  2. William, mentioned below
  3. Eliphalet, born 25 June 1775, remained in Schenectady, where he died 29 September 1839.  He married Celinda Burchard, born about 2 May 1788, died 4 June 1866.  His will was dated 19 September 1839 and was probated 31 October 1839.  In it he mentioned all his children then living.  Witnesses were his brother Ira Avery, Juliann/Julia Ann Avery, and Abraham Durfee.  Eliphalet was often called Eliphant in official records.  He, his wife, and some of their children are buried in Esperance Cemetery, Schenectady Co., New York.

  4. Children:
    1. Moses C., born about 1815, died 2 July 1893, buried in Esperance Cemetery; married Emiline Cornell, born 23 May 1821, died 30 November 1908.
    2. Philo, born 7 October 1817.
    3. Lewis, born about 19 August 1820, died 4 May 1883, buried in Esperance Cemetery; married Phebe, born 6 June 1822, died 14 September 1880.

    4. Children:
      1. Elephalet, born about 8 June 1840, died 29 December 1862, buried in Esperance Cemetery.
      2. Eve, born about 1862, died 1865, buried in Esperance Cemetery.
    5. Lucy; married Mr. ? Brasher
    6. Ann
  5. Moulton, born about 1776 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, removed to Onondaga County, died in DeWitt, New York; married supposedly Lucretia Rickerson of Sharon.
  6. Ira, born about 1778 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, went to northern Schoharie County.  Father of:
    1. Ira Everett, born 4 March 1818 in Duanesburgh, Schoharie Co., New York.
  7. Lucy, born about 1779 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut; married 3 April 1794 Jonathan Hatch.
  8. Amy, born about 6 February 1786 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut; married Henry Fairchild of Conneaut, Ohio.  Parents of:
    1. Lucy Emeline Fairchild, born 25 April 1818 in Ripley, Chautauqua Co., New York, died 26 September 1900 in Rockton, Winnebago Co., Illinois; married 25 February 1834 at Ripley, Chautauqua Co., New York, Albert Gallatin Collins, born 30 July 1811 in Ripley, Chautauqua Co., New York, died 15 October 1883 in Harrison, Illinois.

    2. Children:
      1. Charles Oscar Collins, born 1835 in New York, died 1863.
      2. Frederick Augustus Collins, born 19 February 1837 in New York, died 1900; married Elnora Crittenden.
      3. Emma Roxada Collins, born 1 July 1839 in New York; married Andrew Charles Bingham.
      4. Amy Collins, born about 1840 in New York, died about 1840.
      5. Ellen Collins, born 24 November 1842, died 22 April 1892; married Charles Price.
      6. Henry Jared Collins, born 11 July 1845; married Mary Harper.
      7. William Walter Collins, born 24 December 1847, died in infancy.
      8. Laura Jane Collins, born 29 January 1849 in Ripley, Chautauqua Co., New York, died 22 December 1924 in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., California; married first on 15 November 1870 in Beloit, Rockton Co., Wisconsin, Cyrenus E. Boone; married second on 6 September 1894, Louis Fairchild.
      9. Mary "Mate" L. Collins, born 24 March 1851 in Illinois, died 17 May 1891; married Mr. Vernum.
      10. Albert Nathaniel Collins, born 14 February 1854 in Illinois; married first on 22 September 1894, Angeline E. Reigle; married second Katie Shrumpf.
      11. Harriet Frances Collins, born 19 June 1859 in Harrison-Owen, Illinois, died 16 March 1929; married William Little John; married second William Alfred Gray.
      12. Eva Claire Collins, born 12 January 1862 in Illinois; married Pater McClaren.
      13. Elizabeth Emaline Collins, born 12 November 1856/1857 in Illinois, died 25 December 1871.
  9. Whitfield, born about 1788 in Sluman, born about 1783 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, went to northern Schoharie County.  Father of:
    1. Christopher Jenkins Avery, born about 10 March 1821, was a miller and lived at both Parish and Mexico, Oswego Co., New York; married Polly Minerva Fairchild near Oswego.  He enlisted in New York volunteers in 1862 from Mexico and served until September 1865.  He was badly wounded and died 2 May 1874 at age 53 years, one month, and 22 days, according to his son Elmer.

    2. Children (all born in or near Parish, Oswego Co., New York):
      1. Mary Jane; married Mr. Gardner
      2. Sarah Ann, died single
      3. Harmon Whitfield
      4. Dr. George Washington Avery, who from the time he was 12 years old was raised in Mexico, Oswego Co., New York, by his first cousin, Merwin Avery and wife Mary Jane.  He practiced dentistry in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  George and his wife lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, until removing to Boulder, Colorado, from 1901 until after 1913  Father of:
        1. Dr. George T., was chair of the Psychology Department at the Colorado State Agricultural College, Ft. Collins, Colorado.
        2. Dr. Willard S. Avery, graduated from Chicago Northwestern University in 1913, and came to Pueblo, Colorado, in 1922 as Chief Dental Surgeon for the U.S., Veterans Bureau, when they had an office there from 1922-1924.  He was practicing there in 1933 and his address at that time was 5-6 Broadway Arcade.  A letter he wrote on 28 January 1933 to Miss Gail A. Davey of Parish, New York, provided the data on all the descendants of Whitfield Avery herein.
        3. Amy avery; married Mr. Fee, resided in Westcliffe, Colorado.
      5. Elmer E., resided at R.F.D. #2, Box 112, Mankato, Minnesota in 1933.
      6. Diantha Emaline, a twin; married Mr. Hagerman; married second Mr. Collier.
      7. Semantha Angeline, a twin; married Mr. Hagerman, resided in Brewster, Minnesota.
  10. Sluman, born about 18 May 1793 in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, went to southern Oneida County, died October 1860, possibly in Lenox, Madison Co., New York, where his will (NY-27-P-151) was filed; married in 1831 in Maryland, Elizabeth Ross, born 20 November 1802 in Maryland, died 1869. His family is buried in Sunnyside Cemetery, Lincoln, Madison Co., New York, where their names are all inscribed on a single monument. Parents of:
    1. Ross, born 30 March 1833 in New York.
    2. Ira, born 8 October 1834, died 8 February 1837.
    3. Lodimma, born 12 May 1837, died 10 June 1843.
    4. John, born 5 December 1839, died 24 June 1840.
    5. Amos, born about 15 February 1842 in New York.
    6. Gardner, born 17 Febraury 1844 in New York, died 21 November 1904 in Quincy, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts (according to 1959 letter from town clerk's office); married Helen Kern, born about 1840, according to the 1850 census of Lenox, Madison Co., New York, in which she was enumerated as a 10 year old girl living with her parents Charles and Mary A. Kern (pg.374/fam.278).
    7. Russell, born about 1848 in New York.
  11. Amos, supposedly born 15 October 1794 in Duanesburgh, Schenectady Co., New York, died 8 October 1833 in Broome, Schoharie Co., New York; married 11 February 1813, Olive Gavitt, born 12 April 1795 in Cannonsville, New York, died 21 February 1861 in Cannonsville, New York, daughter of Samuel Gavitt and Sarah Wooster.  (Information on Amos and his descendants generously provided by Mark Avery at Parents of:
    1. Smith, born 29 April 1818 in Schoharie, New York, died 28 April, 1894, Bennettsville, Town of Bainbridge, Chenango Co., New York; married in 1848 Elizabeth, born 11 September 1821 in Margaretville, New York, died 13 October 1897 in Bennettsville, Town of Bainbridge, New York, daughter of Nicholas and Anna Sloughter.
    2. Sarah Ann, born 27 May 1825 in Broome, Schoharie Co., New York, died 21 May 1890, Rhinebeck, New York.
    3. Edward, born 19 August 1814 near Albany, New York, died 30 July 1878 in Erie, Pennsylvania.
    4. William Whitfield, born 21 March 1816 near Rochester, Monroe Co., New York, died November 1903 in Windham, New York.
    5. Samuel Gavitt, born 19 April 1820, died young.
    6. Daniel Kingsley, born 19 March 1823 in Broome, Schoharie Co., New York, died 22 November 1903.
    7. Ira, born 27 October 1827 in Broome, Schoharie Co., New York, died January 1864 in North Kingsville.
    8. George Washington, born 24 March 1830 in Broome, Schoharie Co., New York, died 16 May 1880 in Buffalo, New York.
    9. Amos, born 6 July 1832 in Broome, Schoharie Co., New York. He was a soldier in the Cival War; wounded in1864 in Virginia; never fully recovered; spent seven years in the Leavenworth Military Home; a Methodist preacher, and in 1898, a farmer at Dighton, Kansas; never married.


        (8) William Avery, born 1774 in Connecticut, died 13 February 1849 in Parish, Oswego County, New York; married about 1799 or 1800, probably in Connecticut but possibly in Duanesburg, Schenectady Co., New York, Jemima Ford, died in 1862 Parish, Oswego County, New York.
        They came to the town of Parish, Oswego County, from Montgomery County in 1818.  William and Jemima are buried with her mother in Pleasant Lawn Cemetery in Parish.  That Richard Ford is not buried in Parish with wife Jemima is probably an indication that he died before the family moved to Oswego County.  Jemima Avery probably brought her widowed mother to Parish after Richard's death.


  1. Anna, born 5 December 1800, died 16 March 1873; married Mr. Widger
  2. Lovinia
  3. Russell, born 1805, died 1864; married 1827 Betsey E. Williams.  Parents of:
    1. Lovinia, born 1828
    2. Charles W., Judge, born 20 May 1834, lived in Phoenix, Oswego Co., New York.  Charles W. Avery was admitted to the bar in 1859, and located at Central Square, New York, where he enjoyed an extensive practice for ten years.  Coming to Phoenix in 1869, he commenced practice there.  Mr. Avery was admitted to practice in the United States courts.  He was an ardent advocate of public education, and for several years was a member of the board of education of the Phoenix Academy, for several years serving as president.
    3. Russell Harrison, of Onondaga Co., New York, was born 1836, a prominent farmer who came to Hastings, Oswego Co., about  1845 and died in July 1889.  He was a strong temperance advocate, was of great service to the church in Hastings and donated the site on which it is built; and was master of Hastings Grange at the time of his death.  His wife was Louisa Bush, daughter of Lyman Bush of Hastings, and she resided on the homestead after his death.  Parents of:
      1. Charles A., at the age of twenty engaged as telegraph operator and station agent, and four years later accepted a position as postal clerk on the N. Y. C. R. R. which he filled very creditably four years under President Cleveland's administration.  At his father's death he returned home and assumed charge of the farm of 150 acres.
      2. George H.
      3. Clayton D., was postmaster at Hastings, receiving his commission in July 1893.
      4. Clinton Edgar, a real estate dealer, was living in Mexico, Oswego Co., New York in 1912.
    4. Albert M., born 1848, died 1864, probably in the Civil War, Union Army
  4. Richard Ford, born 7 May 1809, died 1864; married 7 October 1835 in New Haven, New York, Mary Ann Walrath, born 10 March 1816 in Madison Co., New York, died 17 July 1891.  Parents of:
    1. William Russell, born 5 July 1836
    2. Ursula, born 8 March 1846 married 24 March 1875 Justus Dimon, born 12 April 1838 in Parish, Oswego Co., New York, son of John Dimon and Polly North.  He had previously married on 29 November 1859 Cornelia Bush.  Parents of:
      1. Ettie Viola Dimon, born 19 January 1876; married Fred Snell.
      2. Ida Lavina Dimon, born 12 January 1877, died 10 March 1951; married Alvin House.
      3. Jennie Dimon, born 30 March 1880; married Elmer Briggs.
      4. May Polly Dimon, born 1885; married Garfield Rogers.
  5. Matilda, born in Schoharie Co., New York; married Mr. Hitchcock.  Parents of:
    1. Alvirus N., born about 1854 probably in Exeter, Wisonsin, where he was living at age 13, died after 1925 probably in Oak Park, Illinois, from which place he corresponded with his cousin Emma Velmer Avery about the family genealogy.  Their letters were read in 1985 by his cousin Mark Avery Wentling, which sparked his interest in family history which resulted in the work you are reading now.  Mr. Hitchcock had a Doctorate in Divinity, and was Secretary for the American Board of Commisioners for Foreign Missions in Chicago for over 25 years.  In a letter dated 18 February to his cousin Emma, he reported his age as 71 years.  His address in those days was 409 Home Ave., Oak Park, Illinois.  Father of:
      1. daughter; married Prof. K.C. McMurry.  He is noted in a letter by his father-in-law, A.N. Hitchcock, of 18 February 1925, as being a professor at the university in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    2. male child
    3. Martha; married Mr. ? Miller.  Parents of:
      1. Ella; married Hon. Judge John Gibbon.  In a letter written by her uncle A.N. Hitchcock, dated 10 January 1926 to his cousin Emma, Ella and John were noted as living in Columbus, Nebraska.
  6. William Harrison, born 16 January 1814; married 11 September 1864 in DeWitt, New York (near  Syracuse), Euphemia Harrower, born 1822, daughter of Adam Harrower and Mary Ward.  Parents of:
    1. Lillian H., born 16 October 1865 in New York; married 31 July 1884 Vincent Walter.  Parents of:
      1. Annie Laura, born 16 January 1886
      2. Harrison Avery, born 11 January 1888
      3. Florence, born 10 August 1889
      4. Leopold, born 25 August 1891
  7. Ephraim Earl, born 19 May 1815; married 28 November 1836 in New Haven, New York, Dorcas Rathbun, born 7 September 1815, died 30 March 1865, daughter of Gideon Rathbun.  Parents of:
    1. Sarah Nichols, born 1838, died 1840
    2. Lucy, born 29 April 1840 in Parish, Oswego Co., New York
    3. Cynthia Arminda, born 19 April 1842
    4. George Earl, born 28 March 1845, died 14 February 1873
  8. Samuel Merwin, mentioned below
  9. Rodman, birth unknown; married a Miss Dickinson; no children

        (9) Samuel Merwin Avery, born 14 March 1819 in Parish, Oswego County, New York, died 8 September 1904, Mexico, Oswego County, New York; married 13 May 1852, Mary Jane Becker, born 20 May 1828, died 27 August 1895. They moved to Mexico in 1855.
          Samuel attended Rensselaer Oswego Academy in Mexicoville, Oswego County, during the 1840's as shown by a receipt for expenses totaling $6.75 for one spring semester.
         Several family artifacts survive today, including Merwin's family Bible imprinted with his name on the cover, and his 1832 leatherbound copy of Sturm's Reflections on the Wonders of Nature, which he signed.  A small piece of paper in that book holds Mary Jane's signature, "Miss M. J. Becker."
        They raised Merwin's first cousin, George Washington Avery, from the time he was 12 years old.


Samuel Merwin Avery, about 1895

their daughter,
Hattie M. Avery

Mary Jane Becker, age 67

  1. Emma Velmer, born 10 September 1853; married 5 June 1878,  Edmund Potter.
    1. Cora Potter, born 31 March 1889; married Mr. Oxner, and was resideding in Sprague, Washington in 1912.
  2. Hattie M., born 2 October 1856, died August 1924; married 9 January 1889 in Mexico, Oswego Co., New York, as his second wife, Rev. Noah Elijah Jenkins, born 2 January 1834; they resided for some time in Clinton Co., New York, but returned to Mexico just before Noah's death due to his failing health.
  3. Johnnie Merwin, born 25 December 1859; married 19 August 1880,  Hattie E. Jones, daughter of John E. Jones; they resided in Mexico for a time, but subsequently removed to Julesburg, Sedgewick Co., Colorado, where they were living in 1933.
    1. Earl Jones, born 5 June 1884
    2. Belle, born 1 March 1889, resided in Colorado later in life
    3. Blanche M., born 16 May 1891 or ‘92 (Bible record illegible); married by 1933 Mr. Spelts.  She resided in Colorado during her married life, but returned to Mexico, Oswego Co., New York, to live with her first cousin, Josephine Emma Jenkins in her old age.

Hattie M. Avery with niece Blanche M. Avery in 1924.

Hattie M. Avery

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