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Photo Album for Streich/Hohnke/Kramp
My father's parternal branch including his adopted Kramp family

Henrietta Hohnke and family Fig. K-1. Poor quality photo, but the only image I have of my father's paternal grand mother, Henrietta Hohnke. She is short woman in middle standing next to her second husband (his 3rd wife) Charles Michael Wagner. Couple on right is Robert W.  Kramp and Martha, nee. Streich, dtr of Henrietta. Couple on left is unidentified. Henrietta Hohnke married Charles Wagner in 1888, three years after the death of her first husband, Karl Streich. Photo taken ca. 1908, in West Houtzdale, PA.
The three children of Karl Streich and Henrietta Hohnke
Otto Strike, ca 1900 Julius Streich, see missing persons Martha Streich, ca 1900
Fig K-2. Otto Karl Streich (1877-1946), ca. 1900. Otto was born in Province of Posen. He married Emily Russell. Otto and Emily were my father's biological parents. Go to more images of Otto and Emily. Julius Streich (1880-?), born in Province of Posen. He married Leah Lewis in Clearfield Co, PA, and may have abondoned her and their only child, Martha. Fig. K-3. Martha Streich (1883-1933) ca. 1900. Martha was born in Peale, Cooper Twp, Clearfield Co, PA. She married Robert William Kramp. Martha and Robert fostered my father and evenutally adopted him.
Early family of John Kramp Fig. K-4. Family of John Kramp (1843-1907) and Johanna Marsh (1845-1891), ca. early 1890's. Frank, on horse, Bertha, John (the father), Charles and Robert. Front: William, Paul and Harry. Not pictured: Johanna, the mother, who had apparently died, and daughter, Marie, who was married. John and Johanna had 8 children, 6 of whom were born in Kries Stolp, Hinterpommern (Prussia). The youngest two children were born in Ramey, Pennsylvania.  Robert William Kramp, far right, married Martha Streich. 
A double wedding ceremony unites the Streich, Kramp, and Wagner families
Robert W Kramp & Martha Streich, 1902 William Wagner & Bertha Kramp, 1902
Fig K-5. Robert William KRAMP and Martha STREICH, married 12 Dec 1902, at home of Charles Wagner, stepfather of the bride, in double wedding ceremony conducted by E.A. Born, pastor of St John Lutheran. Fig K-6. William WAGNER and Bertha Johanna KRAMP, married 12 Dec 1902, at home of Charles Wagner, father of the groom, in double wedding cermony
John Kramp and his 8 children.
John Kramp Marie Kramp, cu Frank Kramp, cu
Fig. K-7. John Kramp (1843-1907), ca. 1900. Note "K" initial on tie pin. It's Kramp not Cramp. Fig. K-8. Marie Kramp (1869-1930's) and  Albert Berndt and 5 of the 10 children eventually born to this family. Fig. K-9. Frank Ferdinand Kramp (1871-1938) married Matilda Rehbein. They had 7 children, of which 4 reached adulthood.
Robert W. Kramp, close up Bertha J. Kramp, close up Youngest four children of John Kramp
Fig. K-10. Robert William Kramp (1873-1963) married Martha Streich. They had 5 children and adopted a 6th, my father, Robert Kramp, nee. Robert Streich. Fig. K-11. Bertha Johanna Kramp (1875-1950), married William Wagner. She bore 9 children, 8 by William. Fig. K-12. Youngest 4 children, from L: Harry, William?, Paul, and Charles?  William and Charles are difficult to distinquish from each other. Charles Kramp (1877-1939), the 5th born child, married Clara Sechinger and they had 3 children.
Paul Kramp ca. 1930's. William Kramp, closeup Harry Kramp, close up
Fig. K-13. Paul Kramp (1880-1964). Paul married thrice: Blanche, Laura Sherman, and Edith. Paul had no children. Fig K-14. William Emil Kramp (1885-1961) married Sarah Harris and they had 3 children. Fig K-15. Hermann "Harry" August Rudolf Kramp (1887-1957) married Rose Allayaud and they had one child, Zola.

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